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I AM the BOSS!

There are some projects that constantly test you, one minute you think that you have got the idea and everything is fine but the next everything seems to come crashing down around you. This is definitely one of these projects.

Start…….stop……..rip back…….

I started off thinking that it was doable only to abandon it completely the next day.

My first attempt.

My first attempt.

I started again,  thought that I had mastered it …. until I made a mistake. It got left for another week before I started again, taking it back a few rows before starting again. This time I decided to show the beads exactly who is BOSS! I tightened my tension and all was going well until I realised that I had added in an extra bit. It got abandoned again!

I am on the right lines once the tension is tighter.

My second attempt!

I…will……not….be….beaten. I…..AM……THE……BOSS!

Can you see where I tightened the tension?

Can you see where I tightened the tension? (To the left – the beads sit up better) This is still not right as I have added an extra bit so will have to take it back….again!

This is one project where I shall not be beaten. I shall complete it. It is not that complicated – I am just being a bit dumb and it is taking at least twice as long as it should!

Here is how it is done:

It is growing- slowly. I am now going to have to work out what to do with the 'first' bit...

It is growing, although very slowly. I am now going to have to work out what to do with the ‘first’ bit…

See not at all complicated really. Keep your eye’s peeled for the finished bracelet. It will be done – promise.

Looming wonderful …

Gosh. June was a really busy month with not much let up. July is slightly better but not a lot. I was lucky enough to find some time to make although at a much slower rate than normal and blogging just fell off the agenda all together. I have missed reading all your updates, it is a bit like a whole part of my life is gone 😦

So … in our house we have been hit by the latest craze of loom bands which seems to have taken over the whole country. Someone said to me the other day that I bet I was glad to have boys so that I didn’t have all these bands everywhere. Unfortunately this is a craze that has hit boys as much as girls!

For those of you who don’t know what they are, they are basically tiny coloured rubber bands. They get everywhere – all over the floor, in washing machines, vacuum cleaners, pockets….everywhere. The bands can then be made into bracelets. The simplest ones can be made on fingers:


This is the preferred method of my youngest son - great for small motor control.

This is the preferred method of my youngest son – great for small motor control.

The more complex ones are done on a loom:

This is how you set up the loom.

This is how you set up the loom.

I have had a go myself. I started with fairly simple ones and then progressed to adding beads (obviously!). I am now mulling over a design that involves jump rings and chain maille with them…This may take some time to actually exist but writing it down here is more likely to make it happen.

Has this craze reached you yet? Any tips on how to contain the bands?

Pearl Bracelet

With the wedding season nearly upon us I thought that this bracelet would be perfect for such occasions:

IMG_0733It took a bit of experimentation to get the correct sized beads. These pearls are quite large but using smaller ones this pattern would make a gorgeous pair of earrings, or even a bracelet for a flower girl.

You need two needles (one on either end of the thread.)

Continue this pattern until you have enough to go around your wrist. I am now waiting to get the correct findings to finish it off nicely.

Friendship wrap bracelet

This bracelet reminds me of another design that I really like known as the goddess bracelet. That one involves the use of metal jump rings but the one I have just found simply involves wrapping thread around beads. Perfect for the summer and very similar to the friendship bracelets that are everywhere at the moment.

It is nice and easy. I think a rainbow of colours are needed. 🙂

Macrame Fun

This weekend my son and I have had fun with knotting. I was browsing on the internet when I foolishly showed him a Scout Bracelet. The result? I was hassled until we had a go. We dug out the paracord and got going:

The bracelet from the side.

The bracelet from the side.

From the top.

From the top.

From the back.

From the back.

See pretty all around. We tied a simple knot at the end and burnt the ends to prevent fraying. This then fitted through the loop we left at the other end of the bracelet to secure it.

It seems that not having the correct colours for Scouts was a problem and so we made another using satin cord:

IMG_0707This is the same technique made in satin cord. I love how the same technique can bring such different results. No doubt we will be making more of these for various friends!

Twin hole beaded flowers

Whilst browsing the internet recently I found a pattern for a phone charm using twin beads. This is the basic pattern:

A simple flower.

A simple flower.

The silver bead at the top is my addition as I have had a play at finding ways to join the motifs together to make a bracelet. I have kept to the same ‘pattern’ of beads using the clear twin beads on the inside and the opaque ones in the outside. It took a bit of practice to get the join to my satisfaction but good things come to those who wait persevere.

Three flowers joined together.

Three flowers joined together.

I have played with this a lot, even getting to the point where I started working out how to make the fastener. The trouble is there is something that I am not quite happy with. I think that I may take a bit of a break and come back to it in a week or so.

This is where I have got to so far.

This is where I have got to so far.

Do you sometimes get stuck on projects that you are sure will work but are not quite going the way you would like them too?


Josephine and Sailors!

I recently bought myself a lovely macrame board having finally decided that my cat litter tray was not making things that easy for me.

Large Macrame Board

It was only natural therefore that I would want to have a go at some macrame. This is what I made first:

A macrame bracelet.

A macrame bracelet.

This uses two knots (that I had to learn!). The Josephine knot and the Sailors knot.

The Josephine knot (also known as the Double Coin knot)

The Josephine knot (also known as the Double Coin knot)

The Sailors Knot (which is the far right bit of this photograph).

The Sailors Knot (which is the far right bit of this photograph).

It took a bit of trial and error but worth it in the end. Also, as I have found with other macrame, you do tend to get into a pattern and rhythm which definitely helps and speeds things up. The bit that I found hardest was making each knot a similar size.

So to start with the Josephine Knot

Now the Sailors Knot (which is just a two looped version of the Josephine knot.

You continue making the sailors knot until you get the length of the bracelet that you want. Tie a button on and ta da!!

IMG_0659My friend Claire from Claireabellemakes has a lovely line of macrame bracelets with bicycles to celebrate the tour de France. Do pop over and have a look.