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For all my lovely readers…

I am hoping that this post shows you how much I value all the comments that you take the time to write on my posts. Last week I showed you some wire flowers and asked you what combinations you thought would work. This week I worked on your suggestions and here are the results:

This was the most popular suggestion.

This was suggested by nurse on the run, Highland Monkeys, Planet Penny, Wendy from Handmade Harbour (and host to the wonderful Handmade Monday), Wendy from Alice and Florence, and Claire from Claireabellemakes.

This was one of two suggestions made by Mythillogical.

This was the second suggestion from Mythillogical, but was also suggested by Ginny from Ginxcraft.

Alison from Ali Bee Creations suggested a combination of red and green might work well for Christmas. Having made the red flower however I decided that the green wire I had was just not bright enough to go with the vivid red. I did think that silver would be a good match and still retain the Christmas theme……but then liked it on its own. What do you think?

I really hope that you don’t think that I have let you down Alison.

Oh and Alison also liked the pink and green idea too.

Finally Catkin Jane shared her love for the combination of purple and pink together:

The only suggestion I failed to do was from Stephen from Soy of the North who had the brilliant idea of combining wool and wire together. I shall be having a go at this as I think it is quite inspired. 🙂

Sometimes you have an idea but can’t quite see how to finish it so it is really great that you are all so happy to join in and help. You even help to extend the idea further. It is truly appreciated. THANK YOU. You may be relieved to see that I don’t have any testing questions to ask of you this week.

If you don’t know any of the blogs listed here then I really do suggest that you pop over and have a look – you won’t be sorry I promise. Many of them can be found over at Handmade Monday which is where I shall shortly be heading to see what sort of week everyone has had. No doubt Christmas will be high on the list.

Hope you all have a very happy week 🙂

Beaded Flower Pattern (in wire)

At the WI last week another pattern that I had available was for this little flower:

I put it onto a hair grip but could be adapted for other things.

It is crocheted and this one is in very fine wire. It would work in thicker wire or another yarn. Many people seem to be interested in trying out crocheting with wire which is why I devised this pattern. I have sent some home with some people who were unable to have a go on the night and have vaguely wondered if it might be a  good idea to put some kits together to sell. What do you think – do you think that people would be interested?

Here is one that was completed on the night by someone:

This was done with a larger hook so came out a bit bigger but is really pretty.

The wire that I took with me was very fine and not good for beginner crocheters but they did still manage to complete something that was unique to them.

For those of you with a bit of wire stashed away somewhere (and I do know that you are out there) and fancy having a go here is the pattern that I came up with:

Wire, Beaded Crochet Flower

This is a flower that starts with a magic circle so it can be pulled tight. Dc’s and Tr’s are then worked around the ring.


All the stitches are in UK terms for conversion see here.

ss: slip stitch

ch: chain

dc: double treble

tr: treble

Thread 10 beads onto the wire.

Make a Magic ring by wrapping the wire around your finger. With your hook, pull the yarn through. For an excellent tutorial on how to do a magic ring see the stitchsharers post here.

Round 1: 1 ch, 19dc into loop. Ss to 2nd ch of 2 ch. Pull loop tight.

Round 2: 3ch, 1tr into next dc placing bead in the final pull through –(yarn around hook, through dc, yarn around hook, pull through dc, yarn around hook pull through 2 loops on hook, pull bead up, yarn around hook, pull through the remaining 2 loops on hook. The bead should be in place.)  *1tr into next dc, 1 tr into next dc with bead placed at the top. Repeat from * until all beads used. Ss into 3rd chain of initial 3ch. Cast off.

There should be a bead in every other treble around the top.

Finishing off: Weave in ends. Attach a hair piece or brooch back as desired.

If you try this I would love to see what you produce. Enjoy 🙂

Crystal Farm

 Day 2.          24th April       PHOTOGRAPHIC CHALLENGE DAY     3KCBWDAY2

Welcome to Crystal Farm. As you can see it is an upmarket farm with highly decorated features such as the bridge (a knitted beaded cuff). It even has crystals embedded in the fences around the fields (bracelets and necklaces) and the tractor has decorative wheels (earings). The farm is well positioned with a waterfall (crocheted necklace) leading to a river and then a lake (my toe hat!). This means that the land (my knitted poncho) is very fertile giving rise lots of beautiful flowers (rings). Just look out for the troll – he is not so decorative!

My Debut!

For the first time this week I have linked into 1stunique gifts for her Handmade Monday event (hence my debut!).

I have been quite productive this week! First of all I promised that I would share with you a flower design that I improvised. Well here it is:

As a ring:                                                                                                                                                                     and as a brooch:







As you can see it is a simple 5 petal flower made  from groups of trebles. For added interest I have added a bead in the middle giving a contrast of textures and a new dimension. For the brooch I added leaves to the back and may well add a stem in the future.

My second project (partly inspired by stardust, gems and ribbon), is again of a flowery nature. It consists of 4 granny squares that I will join together to make a cushion cover:







I know that the colours are not that inspirational but it is to go with this throw that I am making:

So I used the same colours. As some of you will know the red has been discontinued (see discontinued post). I am waiting for 4 balls that I have found and will then be able to finish the edging on the throw and make this cushion too.

As an aside I was crocheting a square whilst at the park yesterday and three different people came up to me and asked what I was knitting. Does that happen to anyone else? Why do people just assume that you are knitting?

The final project I worked on was a key ring. My wonderful son broke mine last week and I have since been looking for some inspiration! It came when my copy of Simply Knitting dropped through the door. With it came a supplement with a royal theme:

I quite fancied making a crown but remembered that they had a style I preferred in a supplement they produced for the royal wedding last year. Never throwing anything away has its advantages and I went and found it!

(This is a photo from the magazine). I then had a go at improvising my own, smaller version: (I warn you now, it takes a bit of imagination!)







I crocheted it but it was very fiddly. If I was doing it again I would knit it in the round and then surface crochet (or embroider) the golden stripes up to the top. It will do quite well for what I want although not many will be able to guess what it is!

Thanks for reading and as always I appreciate any comments.

 Please do pop over to 1stuniquegifts and see what other people have been up to this week.

Thanks for reading. 🙂

A gift for my mum

In the uk today is Mothers Day. It sort of crept up on me so when I realised this week that I was running out of time I got to thinking about what I could make. I came up with the theme of flowers (always loads around in the run up to Mothers Day and it also the time of year when flowers are beginning to emerge.) So here is my first attempt:

It is basically a crocheted wheel with 4 chain loops around the edge. As I was making it I thought that I could add more petals by adding another set of loops around the edge:

I arranged it so that one round of loops would be behind the other set, thus creating a sort of 3D effect. It did work but I wasn’t 100% satisfied with it – it looked sort of messy. I then thought that on a larger scale as a brooch it would probably be quite effective:

I was really pleased with the final item. It looks a bit flat on the photo but sparkly when on. Most importantly my Mum liked it (well she would wouldn’t she!)