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Running for charity

This post is a bit late in the day really but throughout the training people have been asking who I am raising money for. When I got the place in the marathon I decided that this time I would just run it for myself as I didn’t want to ask people for money again.

Following a week where I seemed to have rather a lot of enquiries I decided to undertake a quick pole on twitter. It  revealed that maybe I should sign up for a charity so people can give if they wish to. I decided that I would choose to run for Mind again as it wouldn’t cost them anything for a new vest (I already have one) and it is a charity that remains very close to my heart. There is no pressure to raise any money at all but if people feel as if they would like to give then they can.

Not a week doesn’t go by when you don’t hear of someone struggling with their mental health and my heart always goes out to them. My immediate response is that I want to help. Unfortunately I know that I do not have the skills required. Yes, I have suffered in the past but I have no qualifications. The charity does, so the best thing I can do is to raise money for the charity so they can help all these people that need their help.

Should you wish to donate then the link is here.

Sew, Stick, Splatter and Salvage

I am very excited today to be able to show you an amazing book. To be honest, I have been a little bit naughty as I have had it for a while but sometimes life gets in the way.

This is the book!

This is the book!

It has been put together by the lovely Ellie from Eleanor Lucy Millinery. All for a very good cause – to raise money for The Air Ambulance Service.

It is a lovely book that I really enjoyed just looking through. It is full of lovely photographs which include lovely fabrics and pretty things. (Living in a house full of boys I can but dream of pretty things. ;)) The idea behind it is to use second-hand things and up-cycle them into new, useful things.

The projects include buttons, material, pottery and cups and saucers. Most of them are easily accessible, requiring little previous skill, a bit of glue and the odd bit of sewing. The one obvious example is a knitted snood project.

A cake stand made from plates and glasses.

A cake stand made from plates and glasses.

Beautiful picture frames.

Beautiful picture frames.

You can’t really loose on this book. By buying it you are supporting a very good cause and getting a lovely book full of great ideas which is also lovely to look at.

I am giving my book away to one lucky person. In order to be in with a chance I would like you to share an up-cycling idea that you either would like to have a go at or have done. If you have blogged about it then do please leave a link so we can pop over and have a look. You never know – it may form part of New Wings for Old Things Book 2! 🙂 I shall draw a random winner one week from today on Wednesday 30th 2013.

I am really looking forward to reading about your up-cycling adventures.



This weekend I went to my very first swish. For those of you unfamiliar with the term it is a party where you take unwanted (good quality) clothes and accessories and come back with new items that you love. (For more info check out this blog.) Also, apart from having a great time with friends, great wine, nibbles and clothes we raised money for a local pre-school. It really can not get better than that can it?

The venue.

The village hall that had been hired had been set up with tables at one end, cafe style with tables and rails the other for the clothes and accessories. There was another area with mirrors for trying clothes on. You have a chance to browse and when the signal is given (in this case a bell), you are able to grab one item that you would like. The first time we had a warning but after that there was no warning. You can see that there are possibilities for arguments about certain objects but we were a well-behaved bunch with elbows kept firmly by our sides.

This is most of what I came home with.

This is most of what I came home with.

As you can see I did really well coming home with 2 skirts (one of which still had the labels on), 4 tops, one jumper and a jacket. There is definitely a green  theme going on here.

I also got this very good quality coat.

I also got this very good quality coat.

Don’t you just love the fab bright lining? This coat fits me so well. I would not have given it a second look usually as I have a ‘rule’ where I do not wear black. However I was persuaded as with a bright scarf the black is not next to my skin. The lovely scarf is handmade  by the brilliant designer Joanne Scrace so I am sure that one day will be worth a lot (my little investment:)). This really demonstrates the real beauty of swishes. You get to try on things that you would never even give a glance to usually, meaning that it is a great way to add new styles and designs to your wardrobe. It is also safe as if you do not like it then you can simply swish it next time. A definite win win I think you would agree?

For those of you within the Cambridge area there will be another swish party in the spring so keep a look out for that. If you are not local then I really urge you to organise your own. It is immense fun and you go home with a lot of new outfits. A huge thanks to Kelly aka crumbmaker for organising this wonderful event. You are truly a star.


My first charity project

I have to be honest and I am not really very enthusiastic about writing a post today. I think I have ‘blog fatigue’. I spent quite a lot of time preparing and writing my post for my stop on the Make and Craft blog tour that I am now suffering from a slight case of anti climax! For any of you who have missed it, my post can be found here – there is a fab crochet book up for grabs too.


So what have I been up to since Friday? I decided that I needed something that was quite low-key and doesn’t take too much brain power. By this I mean following a pattern written by someone else! A while ago I had seen an appeal for knitted poppies and so thought this would be the time to do it.


I have never knitted anything for charity before so feel very ‘saintly’ with this project (or just doing my bit!!). For any of you reading this in other countries, in the UK, on 11th November it is Remembrance day where we remember all the people who have died fighting in war. The Poppy is a symbol of this and there are many collections taken for donations towards a paper poppy. The lady behind the knitted poppies is Laura from Tiny Stitches. The link to her Facebook page with more information on is here.

The knitting

Each part of the Poppies are knitted separately: 4 petals and 1 centre.

Having got hold of the pattern and finding that, yes, I really did have the correct colours in my stash (why did I doubt it?) I got on and knitted all the parts. This was done during creatives unite (where a group of individuals all create for 1 hour. Click on the link to find out more.).

The Finished Poppy

Here it is all sewn together.

As it is all done separately there are quite a few ends to sew in which is not my favourite job in the world but the finished item is quite impressive. I now have two complete and another one ready to sew up.

Have you ever done any charity knitting or crochet? I would love to know  – I may be tempted to do some more now I have done one.

As always I am about to pop over to see the other wonderful blogs over at Handmade Monday to catch up with what they have been up to.

Just before I go I have a couple more photos of the bunting that I made for my post on Friday to share with you. Feel free to skip these if you wish. 🙂

Crocheted Bunting

Three in a bit more detail.

And the last four!

Have a good week :).