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Two tough runs

Last Thursday, at running club my friend and I moved up a group. We were in the situation where one group was a bit slow for us and another a bit fast. We decided to go with the faster group and run at the back. Phew. It was a good but very challenging work out. We ran 6 miles at an average pace of 8.51 min miles. This did include a few stops at meet points.

I am sure it was good for us, just as I really hope that today’s cross-country has done me good too! It was 61/2 miles of boggy, waterlogged land. Even the kilometre long hill was all boggy. The wind was gusting along at 25 miles per hour (and happened to be against us up that killer hill). My legs were screaming as were my lungs. When I had finished one lady said that she had given up half way round. If only I knew that was a possibility! Oh well. To give you an idea of the type of run it was I had an average pace of 11.11 min mile. 2 minutes slower than Thursday!

I have peeled the muddy clothes off, scrubbed off the muddy tide marks and had a nice warm shower. My legs are achy and I am  tired. I am really hoping that next weeks half marathon feels easy in comparison. At least I will know that when my feet hit the ground I will know they will stay where they land and not slip, twist or sink. I will also get some bounce back from the road instead of the land sucking all the energy away.  Easy peasy right? (If only!) At least I will have a medal to show for next weeks efforts!


After my run on Friday night I took Saturday off completely – I actually slept in until 9am! I think my body needed a rest!



Sunday I went to the gym which was very enjoyable. It is really more of the same although I am now moving more towards dynamic and explosive moves rather than simply lifting weights. All good for my running apparently.

Monday was another rest day – aren’t I being a good girl? Tuesday was running club – a 5k handicap. This involves the slowest people setting off first and then everyone else at set intervals behind them. My time for a 5k tends to be about 27minutes so this is where I slotted in. In actual fact I got a PB of 25.57 minutes, a shade under 26 minutes. I am REALLY pleased with this. (I also came 4th overall and wasn’t overtaken by anyone). I doubt this will ever be repeated as I expect that I wasn’t actually in the correct group (dare I mention cheating? Unintentional and perfectly innocent though it was.)

I felt really good. I set out at a steady pace and then when another girl started speeding up I followed her as I knew that her pace was a bit quicker than mine. This made it a good pace to aim for.  She did pull away a bit but she was always in my sights.

On waking up today I made a classic mistake. I assessed the weather from the window. It looked calm and still (no tree branches were moving). It had been quite warm yesterday and so decided to bike. It is probably my only chance this week and I was taking a running club before work so was going in my training clothes. It didn’t take me long to realise that looks can be deceiving. There was an evil wind that was heading straight for me all the way. It was also icy, straight from the North pole. Then, to add insult to injury, it decided to start ‘snowing’. I had made the silly decision not to wear my waterproof trousers and so had visions of me getting soaking wet and then having to spend the whole morning in wet clothes. Not a nice thought! Luckily the ‘snow’ didn’t last very long at all.

I did feel good once I was all warm again but the idea of going back outside to get home wasn’t something that I was looking forward to. Luckily the sun had come out by the time I was ready and it was a far more enjoyable ride home although still a bit cold. I am pleased that I did it but still think that I was mad!

Tomorrow is another mad event – a head torch run along an unlit track. Sounds fun but also as if I am asking for an injury. There is an alternative route but where is the adventure in that? (Maybe I will have my sensible hat on tomorrow and will not want to risk injury…..?)


With the meeting/lecture on Monday that was a rest day. On Tuesday I  took the big decision to move from the junior group of joggers to the adults. GULP! This was for two reasons:

1. The short intervals that I was doing during the junior jogger sessions was not going to help with my marathon training at all.

2. I need to get to know some of the adult joggers as when I go to take part in cross country events etc I never know anyone…..and that is a bit sad. 😦

I took part in the juniors because it fits in with my children – we all train together whereas the adults start 30minutes later than the jumiors. My wonderful husband, however has agreed to go and pick them up if I drop them off.


So having apologised to my fellow adult junior joggers I left my boys and nervously headed to the adults. The adults meet in a leisure centre. Your name is ticked off on a list and everyone stands around until it is time to set off. As I feared I was billy no mates. 15 minutes can take forever! I began to feel as if I had a made a bad mistake. Luckily. I am not one to give up very easily. We set off for the start of the course, a sort of warm up…and yes, I ran it alone.


Just before we started the ‘real’ session (Yassoo’s)  someone came over to me and asked me what pace I run at and suggested that I should join her. Unbeknown to me there was someone else who was trying the joggers for the first time. We all ran as a three together.

Yassoo 800’s

The session was to run 4 x 800 metres with a 2 minute recovery. The idea behind this is that if you can keep the same pace for 10 then you can wok out how fast you can run a marathon in. We were doing each one about 4.15 minutes so , had we managed to maintain this for 10 reps we should be able to run a marathon in about 4 hrs 15-30!!


The session was very enjoyable. We managed to do a bit of chatting and I found out that one of my partners was training for a half marathon and the other a marathon a bit later on in the year. We all agreed to meet back on Thursday for the next meeting. Even better was that before I got home I had had a friend request from one of them along with a very nice mention on Facebook. A lovely touch that made me feel really included.

Cross training

Wednesday was a cross training day ie a commute to work on my bike. Thursday I again biked to keep up with my twice a week goal. The evening was joggers again. When I mentioned it to my husband he initially said ” what again? You went the other day”. I quickly pointed out that I would run anyway and I may as well run with others rather than on my own. How could he disagree with that argument?

Second club run

On Tuesday I had learnt that the club sessions were designed to support those training for a marathon and half marathon which really made me feel a lot better. It means that I no longer have to worry about following a plan. I will do the 2 sessions along with a long run at the weekend and all will be sorted. Thursdays session was a ‘long’ run of about 7 miles. I again ran with the two I found on Tuesday. It was a lovely ‘hilly’ (for around here) route that we took at a nice and easy pace. It was lovely to run new routes with new people (as well as to have someone to talk to before the session!). I thoroughly enjoyed myself and didn’t feel that tired after it.

Friday was a well earned rest day 🙂

Phew! What a busy week.