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Am I unfaithful?

This week has been one of those which I thought was going to be fairly quiet but actually turned out to be quite busy. Good busy that is. I have found a new obsession. Kumihimo. Kimihimo is a Japanese art that is used to make silk bands that they tie around their tunics. It is very similar to friendship bracelets if you have ever tried that. I made this one that has beads added in as an extra:

braceletWhen I saw the examples I have to say that I thought it looked as if it was going to be very complicated. Happily I was wrong. It honestly is not that complicated (I learnt in a couple of hours) and I have already plans for many more to be made. One of the reasons that I like it is because most of the jewellery that I have been making so far is not portable like knitting and crochet. This however is. Once you have the beads threaded on then you are able to get on with it, wherever you like. It is also fairly quick. I do have one dilemma with it: it is very similar to the beaded crochet ropes that I have made in the past. I love making these a lot but feel as if I am being somewhat unfaithful to the crochet.


A beaded crochet rope.

Kumihimo beaded bracelet.

Kumihimo beaded bracelet.

I think that you will agree that the first and last pictures are almost identical in structure. So where does  that leave me? Should I stay true to beaded crochet or allow myself to go with kumihimo?

To help me (or you) to decide I have done a comparison between the two:

Kumihimo                                                                                                                                                                    Beaded Crochet Ropes

You have to decide on the length of thread to cut before you start.                                            Is done on one length of thread so you work from the reel.

You can move beads around when you have started.                                                                     You have to get it right from the start. No re-beading is possible

Fairly portable.                                                                                                                                          Very portable

Less fine work involved – you move the threads with your hands                                              You have to pick up small loops with a fine crochet hook

I suspect this is quicker than beaded crochet ropes

So what do you think? Maybe I should just go with whatever takes my fancy at the time and I am making a big deal out of nothing?

As always, on a Sunday, I am about to head over to Handmade Harbour to catch up with all the other talented blogs. Do come and have a look too 🙂

I hope you all have a great week and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on my dilemma 🙂

Crochet versus knitting

3KCBWDAY7       29th May               Crafting Balance


Few nearly there and I will have written a post everyday for a week!

 Now for the final day we have to write about how we balance knitting and crochet. The short answer is I don’t! I do whatever the whim takes me and what pattern I fancy doing next. At the moment that tends to be crochet as it lends itself more to the wire jewellery that I am currently doing. However, to be fair I did a comparison table:





I can knit without looking at what I am doing. I usually have to look where I put the hook.
You have to cast off. You just finish the last stitch.
You have (or should) finish the row before you stop. You can put it down whenever you need to.It takes more wool. 
Needles are quite long and could be used as weapons by children. It is more portable (hooks are smaller than needles)
Needles not allowed on aeroplanes. Hooks are not as dangerous and so can get past security.

As you can see the weight seems to be very much in favour of crochet. Having smallish children adds quite a lot to this result as I need to be able to put work down immediately and stash it away from hands!

As I said earlier, there is no even balance between knitting and crocheting in my life – I am just really happy that I can do both. As long I continue to enjoy doing them the, and am able, then I cannot see it changing .

Did I miss anything out from the table? Do let me know if I did – I may well be looking through blinkered eyes!

There, finished. I have blogged everyday for seven days. I have really enjoyed it and would like to thank Eskimimi from Eskimimi makes for organising it all. It has been an excellent experience. I am now going to go and catch up with all the things I neglected. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂