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A Blogiversary and Queen Stitch Crochet

So it would seem that I have been writing this blog for a year now. Wow. I can hardly believe it. It has certainly been a really positive thing in my life. I have ‘met’ so many completely amazing people through this. I have always known that I am a  ‘people’ person who cannot survive without contact with people and this has opened up a whole new world of people (almost literally!). If you are one of these people then do please help yourself to piece of cake and join me in my celebrations. (I would love to have had a giveaway but am sadly not that organsied – will do better next year I promise.)

Today is the day of the week where I eagerly await the ‘biggest’ regular coffee (tea or wine) meet up with fellow crafters through Handmade Monday.

Handmade Harbour

Through a special link everyone shares their post about what they have been making during the week. I have to say I have learnt so much through each of these wonderful people and eagerly await the time when the children are in bed and I can sit down and have a good read. A big, huge thank you to all (with a special mention for Wendy whose idea it is and who hosts it every week.)

Another marker in my week is the creative ‘meet up’ called Creatives Unite that happens on a Thursday evening.

MissBeatrixThis is simply a time where you can sit down and know that others are also crafting away too. There is a great sense of community on twitter throughout. It is the time that I set aside each week to create my object for handmade Monday if I have not got around to making anything for the rest of the week. A huge thank to Anna for organising this one.

So what have I made this week? Following on from my experiments last week with Tunisian crochet I was very keen to have a go with wire and beads. I chose the queen lace stitch and created this:

Beaded Queen lace Crochet

Believe it or not this took 2 hours. Unfortunately it is not long enough to go around my wrist so cannot technically be called a bracelet although this is what I am hoping it will end up as.

I do really like this as I think it works really well.

Queen Lace Stitch.

Queen Lace Stitch.

The idea was to add beads to the ‘loopy’ (technical term!) bits that go across. I added 4 seed beads to each loop this time although I would also like to try using 1 larger one each time.

I think the beads would hang better if it was this way but I don't have a long enough hook (yet!).

I think the beads would hang better if it was this way but I don’t have a long enough hook (yet!).

So there you have it. A work in process for this week. This is because I am also in the middle of a test knit which has taken a bit longer than I anticipated getting going. It is now on its way but I have a long way to go yet.

As for now….. well I should be knitting but fear that I shall not be able to avoid the lure of Handmade Harbour!! Hope to see you there 🙂

My first charity project

I have to be honest and I am not really very enthusiastic about writing a post today. I think I have ‘blog fatigue’. I spent quite a lot of time preparing and writing my post for my stop on the Make and Craft blog tour that I am now suffering from a slight case of anti climax! For any of you who have missed it, my post can be found here – there is a fab crochet book up for grabs too.


So what have I been up to since Friday? I decided that I needed something that was quite low-key and doesn’t take too much brain power. By this I mean following a pattern written by someone else! A while ago I had seen an appeal for knitted poppies and so thought this would be the time to do it.


I have never knitted anything for charity before so feel very ‘saintly’ with this project (or just doing my bit!!). For any of you reading this in other countries, in the UK, on 11th November it is Remembrance day where we remember all the people who have died fighting in war. The Poppy is a symbol of this and there are many collections taken for donations towards a paper poppy. The lady behind the knitted poppies is Laura from Tiny Stitches. The link to her Facebook page with more information on is here.

The knitting

Each part of the Poppies are knitted separately: 4 petals and 1 centre.

Having got hold of the pattern and finding that, yes, I really did have the correct colours in my stash (why did I doubt it?) I got on and knitted all the parts. This was done during creatives unite (where a group of individuals all create for 1 hour. Click on the link to find out more.).

The Finished Poppy

Here it is all sewn together.

As it is all done separately there are quite a few ends to sew in which is not my favourite job in the world but the finished item is quite impressive. I now have two complete and another one ready to sew up.

Have you ever done any charity knitting or crochet? I would love to know  – I may be tempted to do some more now I have done one.

As always I am about to pop over to see the other wonderful blogs over at Handmade Monday to catch up with what they have been up to.

Just before I go I have a couple more photos of the bunting that I made for my post on Friday to share with you. Feel free to skip these if you wish. 🙂

Crocheted Bunting

Three in a bit more detail.

And the last four!

Have a good week :).