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Knee update

I have some good news to report – I have been to see the physiotherapist and my runners knee is just that, runners knee. Nothing more serious than that. It is also better than it was so my exercises that I did everyday (for a week or too, ho hum) have been working.

It seems that I was right in my suspicions – when I stopped going to the gym regularly and concentrated on my running more my glutes became weak thus causing an imbalance. This in turn caused the knee pain. Nothing wrong with my knee. Weak muscles. Yay. I can change that.

This one of my new exercises with the aim of keeping the pain at bay.

Upcoming races

This week I realised that I have done it again – I have doubled booked myself. I am down to go on a visit to the knitting and stitching show. I went last year and had a really great time so would be loathed to miss this but I have also signed up for the Great Eastern Run – a half marathon race.

I have no other races planned so really was a bit stumped……but then someone mentioned a local race that takes place in November. It is literally down the road and takes place on some of my training routes. I think that this may be the answer if I can get in (only 200 places). What would you do? I do need races to keep me motivated but knitting and stitching is my other love………I am going to try to get into the local race and thus manage to do both?

Do you have any races that you are training for at the moment?