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Daily Greatness

Following my last post this post may come as a bit of a surprise! Sorry.

Over the Christmas period I had a sudden urge to buy a training journal so that I could  record all my fitness achievements. My requirements were quite specific:

  1. To be able to able to use it for my running.
  2. To be able to record my gym sessions.
  3. To be able to record my food (this is an area that I need to work on, especially when running longer distances.

Hmm well this turned out to be quite a task I can tell you! Most seem to be written for the gym, or for running, or for exercise but not food…. I asked on twitter and Facebook but still didn’t find anything to meet my exact requirements…..and I still haven’t!

What I did find was this:

Dailygreatness Training Journal: 12 Weeks to a Rocking Fit Body, Mind & Spirit

I need some positivity in my life! This is a whole programme designed to improve your health and fitness over 12 weeks- perfect if your New Years Resolution is to get fitter and healthier. You can subscribe to the ‘Rocking Fit’ programme which is designed to improve you body, mind and spirit but I am going this alone!

Before starting on the actual journal bit there are a series of tasks to do. Now, believe me, I am not one for tasks, not…..at…..all. BUT I did find these thought provoking. I had to think about my values. This is one of those things where you go through the list and think…yes, yes, yes and then you get to the end and you have said yes to them all. I did, eventually manage to identify 5 key values  which was HUGE for me.

What I particularly like about these exercises are that they really make you think about what it is that you want to achieve, why and then the steps that you can do to achieve them (SMART goals anyone?) Yes, even I managed to set some goals which from someone with a huge aversion to setting goals is awesome.

Image result for setting goals quotes

Each day you have 8 daily steps to follow, all designed to keep you on track to achieve your goals. In the morning there are some questions designed to help you identify things that you are thankful for. Now I am rubbish at this and had to think really hard to identify 5 this morning (I know, in reality I have so much but, as I have said before, I tend to focus on the areas needing improvement.) I am hoping this improves! There are boxes to check if you drink 8 glasses of water, meditate and stretch. Then in the evening there are questions designed to get you to reflect on your day, identifying things that went well and things that you could improve on.

It is this that has inspired me to start my daily morning yoga sessions (yes, I am still doing them!) Stretching and mindfulness in one. I am definitely benefitting from this. I feel calmer as I start the day and the stretching can only improve too. When I first got the journal, I did wonder if I would find the time to fill it in, but I am. I am enjoying the enforced focus on me for a change, it feels like I am finally looking after myself properly and I AM WORTH IT. If I also manage to become a bit more positive and achieve some goals then all the better.

Image result for I am worth it quotes

I shall update you as I move further into it (I only started Monday). Right now though I am very excited by it. It will serve as a record of my training for the London Marathon but hopefully will give me some life skills and practises that will continue to benefit me for years to come.

Should you wish to purchase your own copy follow this link. You will get 5% off your purchase (and I will get a 10% referral reward). This is (I believe) something that everyone gets when they purchase one of their journals and has nothing to do with me reviewing their product.

Disclaimer: All the views in this post are my own. I have bought the book myself.


Stronger and stronger.

It may be Sunday but there was still an early start for me this morning, it was still dark when I first surfaced. Most runners would be up this early to go for their long slow run but I was going to the gym.

At the moment the gym is what is keeping me going as I can see some real improvements in my strength, mainly my upper body but that is mainly because this had the furthest to go.

2016-01-10 08.46.30

Forgive the poor photo but I am using this weight to perform dead lifts. This is the heaviest dumb bell in the gym. Chuffed – I should say so!

This week I also managed 3 sets of 8 full press ups with a weight on my back and more pull ups than ever before. I may not have been too impressed when I arrived but when I left I was on top of the world!

Oh and if you are wondering, yes I did go for a gentle 40 minute run this afternoon. I just couldn’t help myself!

In case you are wondering my gym session was along the lines off:

  • 3 sets of 5 single legged squats off the side of a bench paired with 5 pull ups.
  • 3 sets of 5 dead lifts paired with 5 bar lifts (above the head weight lifting style)
  • 3 sets of 5 arabesques (with 10kg weight) paired with 12 reps of seated rows and 8 weighted push ups.
  •  2 sets of 8 seated twists using a weighted ball with 6 ‘get ups’ using a weight with a slow release back down.


You Broke Me!

This is what notsogranny said about ‘my’ personal trainer because whenever I sat down for any length of time on Sunday I stiffened up and ended up hobbling along. Saturday morning I had been put through my paces, for the first time in 2 weeks, and I was suffering!


You may remember that when I was training the London Marathon last year, my biggest fear was that I would get injured. In an attempt to combat this I booked some sessions with a personal trainer. The idea was to strengthen all the supporting muscles that don’t actually get used that much in running. I know I was surprised too – there are some muscles in the legs that don’t get used that much in running!

Due to my illness I didn’t use many of the sessions that I had paid for but have now been trying to meet regularly with him. The sessions may appear to be quite ‘easy’ to some as I am, not huffing and puffing or sweating profusely. That is not the aim.

I start off rolling my muscles on a ball and with a foam roller to loosen them off and get rid of knots (which often hurts!). I then move onto squats, lunges, leg curls, step ups interspersed with a few lat pull downs and chest presses. Yes my legs get a bit wobbly and even hurt a bit but at the time it is never that bad.


It would appear that the break of 2 weeks was just a bit too much for the legs. There is a part of me that likes the ache as I know that I have done something good but I have to admit to being a bit embarrassed as I hobbled and moaned around on Sunday!


I was even still stiff on Monday but did manage a gentle jog, which was just as well as I saw this lovely sunset:

Sunset over the cornfield.

Sunset over the cornfield.

Too much running?

Running Too much?

Last week I found a new blog (well new to me!): healthyfrenchie, Reading this really made me think about my training. I spend a lot of time running. Now this is for several reasons

1. It is quicker than going to the gym (no traveling required!)

2. It is effective

3. (Probably the most influential) When training for my half marathons earlier this year running is the training you do!


Now this may sound really obvious as training to run a half marathon is going to involve running! However reading the lovely blog healthyfrenchie and also watching some documentaries on Olympian athletes I have realised that I have very much neglected much of my body (in terms of fitness that is.) Running is not going to tone my upper body. Does this matter? Honestly – I am not actually sure but I have had a bit of a shake up!

The Gym.

On Saturday I headed off to the gym and, after running outside  (3 miles) I did some weight work on my upper body. It felt quite good and I really ached the next day (evidence to how much I had neglected this!)

The Garden!

Yes you read correctly. Monday evening I did a workout in the garden (and I have a very small garden at that!). My wonderful husband came home and said that he would quite like to go the golf course. Of course I said fine! Only, however because I was thinking about this post from Healthyfrenchie: Making Up Your Own Workout. I can definitely do that thinks me and so I did. With the company of my eldest son and the timing abilities of my next eldest we had quite a good workout. (yes I do ache!)

My Personal Workout!

I did 1 minute of each exercise x2!

1.        2.                 3.

Step ups                                                     dips                                        star jumps

4.              5.                      6.

bench step ups                              walking lunges                                      push ups

7.               8.  Burpees (no image!)             9.

Squat jumps                                                                                                     plank

10.             11.         12.

Jump lunges                                        sit ups                                            shuttle runs

13. Boxing!

So what do you think? Is it fairly balanced? Can anyone give me some bicep and back exercises to add in? Fancy giving it a go?

I am going to do a bit more research into training so will get back to you in due course.

Playing catch up!

Pinned Image

I have been a bit neglectful with writing about my running. This is for two reasons:

1: I didn’t do very well with my goal the first missed week

2: I was busy with the blogathon. I did however do some running and gym sessions.

To see what I actually managed follow this.

I would love to hear if you have done a run or training session that you are proud of recently.





Picture from:eathealthy-getfit-sleep-repeat.

How do I get a balance?

Help! How do I get a balance between the gym whilst also keeping my running fitness up? (Remembering that I have limited time!)