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A good end to week 6

I biked to work on Thursday. It was cold and frosty on the way there but on the way home bright and sunny. Perfect conditions for being outdoors.

Despite having a hill session planned for Friday night I also biked to work on Friday. My eldest has been desperate to bike with me. Friday’s he has triathlon club and so needs to take his bike. It was the last day of term so I decided that it would be as good a day as any for us to do it. It was another cold morning which unfortunately didn’t get much better as the day went on.


Having biked up the hill we planned on running up I was really not feeling it Friday night. I was tired after working extra hours this week, including 2 evenings but I knew that once I got out I would feel better. It was cold but after running up the first hill I was soon nice and warm! We ran up and down 2 hills. 1 short and steep and the other slightly longer but still steep!

I felt quite strong and almost enjoyed it! Hills strengthen your legs and help you to keep a good form. They were certainly tough but once I got home  and checked my stats I was really pleased. My hill ‘sprints’ were all sub 9 min mile pace. Again, pleased with that and even felt quite strong. 🙂

Long run

Today was the dreaded LSR (long slow run). Twelve miles was on the plan. Twelve miles was what we did. 12 hilly(ish) miles in the lovely sunshine although fairly cold and windy. 12 miles in 1.59 minutes. Due to some technical issues (I started my watch on biking) it says that I ran 11.47 miles at an average pace of 9.51. Again pleased with that. My heart rate figures are ok as well – average of 137.

Currently I am enjoying my running and feel that I am making progress. Whether I shall stay enjoying it as the miles start to increase remains to be seen. Next week is a quieter week with my plan giving less miles to cover which is great as it is half term here so I shall be out and about with my boys. I should make running club though which I am looking forward to.