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Blogging Buddies – What makes a post interesting?

Or to put it another way – what makes you stop reading a post?

What features do you admire and encourage you to read on?

There is a lot of competition out there so what can we do to encourage people to stay and read on?

I can share with you the ‘rules’ that I always try to apply (I do like my little rules:) )

  1. Keep it fairly short. Not totally sure how to quantify short but I know it is important. How long is too long in your eyes? Being a teacher, I am aware that children have short attention spans but adults are fairly restricted too. According to Wikipedia the average adult attention span is 40 mins. I wonder if that means a 40 minute session on the computer? I am sure that it doesn’t mean that you can expect someone to spend 40 minutes reading your blog. It would have to be REALLY amazing….People will be looking at a lot of blogs/sites/e-mails etc….


2. Try not to write in long blocks of text – this is where photographs come in. It is just off-putting. Headings may help with this, quotes and writing in different colours. It all helps to break the text up.

3. Try to include a visual element. Ideally photographs that you have taken but when not possible pictures that you have permission to use. This also helps to break the text up and is a really easy way to add interest into a post.


Are you still with me? 😉

4. I always try to be myself when I write as, as I have said before, blogging is about building relationships and if there is a relationship then people are more likely to stay around for a bit longer.

5. I also think that you have to give your readers something. It might be information such as a post I once wrote about the origins of Kimihimo, sharing an experience that people can identify with and learn from, or even asking for help. People love to help just like they like being nosy and finding out about you.

There you have it. Nothing that is rocket science. What are your golden ‘rules’ when writing a post?