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Chatteris to March

Sorry for the complete silence recently. We have a family member that is really poorly. That has taken priority as well as a lot of emotional energy. Hopefully the emotional rollercoaster has stabilised a bit.

This run came close on the heels of the previous 2 but was no less enjoyable. It was also in a part of the county/diocese that I had very little knowledge of as it is not somewhere that I go very often. Unfortunately I did not have any volunteers to run with me this week but instead I had some very detailed directions as to the route I should take.

IMG_1651AI set off having had the obligatory photographs. I am constantly amazed that people turn up at 9ish on a Saturday morning to wave me off.

As I had done three of these runs this week it meant that I had missed out on some of the other training runs that I do in order to fit them in. For some odd reason I decided that instead of just completing the distance today I would include intervals within it. I did 1 mile warm up and then started to run 0.25 of a mile at a faster pace followed by a recovery of the same distance. I figured that I would probably end up walking the recovery section but in reality I was surprised by how good I felt. I managed to run them all, and at a pace that I was pleased with.


Half way I passed through a place called Doddington where I was met by some more lovely people (I was a bit more sweaty than normal but nobody seemed to mind.)IMG_1653A

I didn’t stay long which always feels a bit rude seeing how these people have made the effort to come out and see me but if I hung around I would get too stiff. A bit further on and I completed my last interval (narrowly missing out on being tripped over by a dog!) and then I entered March. When I don’t know a place and I arrive I think that the run is nearly over and today, of all days I was ready to stop. Unfortunately it was one of the occasions when I had quite a lot further to go. I passed a church near the edge but this wasn’t where I was headed. I had about another mile to go. This is really cruel as my brain had thought I was finished, only to have to carry on. Pure torture. I was in fact, headed right in the middle of the market town.

As always it was worth getting there. I was presented with a medal which always has to be worth it! I think this medal was almost more appreciated than the one I will get once I complete the marathon as it was so unexpected!medal

There was also a coffee morning (tea is always very welcome) and we sat around and had a really lovely chat (well I mostly chatted and everyone listened but there was some discussion!).


All in all another lovely run. I ran in a new place, met some amazing people, surprised myself with how well I managed to complete my intervals and got more miles under my belt.


One of those weeks

On Monday we had a storm. Even the children were talking about it. It had a name and it was called Imogen. To be honest, it wasn’t that bad here – quite blustery but not the driving rain that had been forecast.

Busy, busy, busy

This week is a busy one. I have to work two evenings, later than normal which also means that I am unable to go running clubs 😦 I had thought that I might bike to work on Monday but then I heard about the storm and thought better of it. Instead I went out for a run. Luckily I decided to do a mile(ish) route around my house with the aim of running each one faster than the one before. I say lucky because it turned out to be a sheltered run that seemed to avoid the worst of the wind. As you can see from below, my average pace per mile got quicker. That was all I set out to do so I was more than happy.

Splits Time Cumulative Time Moving Time Distance Elev Gain Elev Loss Avg Pace Avg Moving Pace Best Pace Avg HR Max HR Calories
1 10:41 10:41 10:25 1.00 5 4 10:42 10:25 8:02 115 143 112
2 9:57.5 20:39 9:55 1.00 4 9:58 9:55 8:01 133 140 116
3 9:14.0 29:53 8:01 1.00 4 3 9:14 8:01 7:02 140 149 114
4 8:30.2 38:23 1.00 8:30 7:00 154 159 115
5 0:04.5 38:28 0.01 10:00 8:55 158 158 1
Summary 38:28 38:28 28:21 4.01 9 11 9:36


Tuesday was a long day at work and a  a rest day.


Today I planned a 45 minute, easy run. I wasn’t going on my own though and the response I got was a 1 minute fast followed by 2 minutes rest 8 times. Humph. Luckily, once I got into it I quite enjoyed it. Admittedly this may be because on getting home I could see that my fast sections were nice and fast. All under 7 minute mile pace. REALLY chuffed with that.

Hills postponed!

Tomorrows plan is to bike to work. I was going to do a hill session but after today thought it best to have a slightly easier day. I have persuaded me running buddies from today to do it with me instead,;)

Long Intervals and a rest.

Yesterday I woke up to hear the rain pounding against the windows and felt very relieved not to have planned a bike ride into work. A run was planned for later in the evening once my friend had finished work; an interval session of  mins at level 3 (or 10k pace) with 1 min recovery.

Once I was home and had dinner I began to get restless about going out. It had stopped raining but the wind was cold. I was not exactly looking forward to it.


I did go though, dashing back at the last minute to fetch my gloves that I had left behind. Our 5 minute warm up was not so much of a warm up as a cool down, (read: we ran far too fast as it was far too cold)! Once the intervals started however the cold was forgotten (although the gloves stayed firmly on). As we set off on the first interval I thought that it was likely to feel like a really long time as any intervals I had done up until that point had been MUCH shorter. I was, however pleasantly surprised. I worked really hard to try not to set off too fast which I think I managed. I also tried to think only about the one I was doing and not the whole thing.

The minute breaks were not anywhere near long enough but on the whole the workout was quite enjoyable. I like the ones where I work hard but are in actual fact quite short. The last interval felt very hard going but this was probably just because I was getting tired as my pace was not too much slower. Each of the 4 sets had an average pace between 8min  mile and 8.28. Fairly consistent for me!


Today is a rest day and I have completely resisted all urges to do anything, even in the lovely sunshine this afternoon. Rest days are as important as the work outs and my body needs a bit of a rest as I am getting tired.


Maybe not a tortoise

Today went to plan(YAY:)). I got home after a long day at work, had a cup of tea and set off (with my son to humiliate me!). We did a gentle warm up run of 0.79 miles at a nice easy pace of 10.39. Perfect:) Considering a lot of it was down hill I was very restrained.

Then the hard work started! the programme said 10 lots of 1 minute runs with a 1 minute recovery. We chose a fairly quiet road that we could simply run back and forth along. At the time it was really hard work. My lungs were burning, I was out of breath and I struggled to keep going. I did though.

When I got home it became clear as to why I struggles. Here are the average pace times for each of the 1 minute sprints (all in min/mile)

1: 6.47

2. 6.23

3. 6.34

4. 6.49

5. 6.44

6. 6.33

7. 6.57

8. 6.48

9. 6.51.

They are all below the 7 minute/ mile rate. How chuffed am I? VERY. Maybe I am not so much of a tortoise after all?

Now I just have to transfer that to further distances.

We did a very slow jog home (11.18 min/mile). Our calves were both screaming as we made our way up the slow incline.

For the eagle eyed amongst you, you will have noticed that there are only 9 sprints listed. This is because I made a mistake when setting my watch up and the first one was not timed properly (longer in actuality) but I was not going to do it all again, not even once.

Happy with today 🙂 Tomorrow is a rest day. Phew.