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A Win = Beaded Rope Number 2!

This week I realised that I had a won a giveaway competition over on the Make and Craft Blog. What did I win?

Seed Beads by Gutermann

One of these tubes of lovely beads 🙂

It arrived in the post a few days later – so full that the top wouldn’t fit and the beads were spread all over the bag. (Not that I am bothered – the more beads the better ;))

So what would I use them for?

That was easy really. Having completed my first beaded rope bracelet I was really keen to have another go. When  I posted a picture of my first go on my Facebook page Mary Anne and  Miss Beatrix suggested that I should use as many colours as possible. Well here it is.

A pretty rainbow of colours.

A pretty rainbow of colours.

I started off threading the beads on randomly but didn’t like the effect so ended up sorting them all into their colours. There were a lot of different colours so ended up making the decision to graduate the colours, going from lighter to darker.

The lighter end....

The lighter end….

....and the darker end.

….and the darker end.

To be honest I am not sure about the overall effect. I am, however pleased with the way I executed this.

What do you think?

What do you think? Spot any mistakes?

The beads are a smaller size the ones I used previously so I had to use a much smaller hook (size 1) but still managed to get into the swing of it easily enough. My only mistake was to twist the odd bead somehow, can you spot any?

I can see how people can get hooked on making these – expect a few more popping up! Would any of you be interested in a tutorial so you can have a go? It is truly addictive and not that tricky, honest.

I hope that you all have headed over to Handmade Harbour this week to join in with the giveaways as part of the centenary celebrations for Handmade Monday. There have been some amazing things up for grabs so if you haven’t looked, I suggest that you go now!

I am now heading over to check the other blogs and catch up on what everyone else has been up to this week. Do come and join me 🙂

Ribbon necklaces

On craftsy I found a great lady (CrocKnits )who made some great necklaces using ribbon or flag yarn. She has recently started up a blog here. Do go and check it out. She has only been up and running for a week and so am sure would love a few visits and comments.

I was really impressed and so, before our holiday went and brought some appropriate yarn. (I am very embarrassed about this next bit) Being too tight to pay for a pattern (sorry CrocKnits) I searched online and found this website (numei) with some ideas. Please don’t compare my work with hers as I did not print out the patterns and so was working blind! The ones shown on the website look very professional!

I started with a simple 3 chain necklace:

Then went onto this one with loops in:

It is so long I had to raise the stand!

Me being me I then started to experiment:

This time smaller ‘gaps’ but many more.

I think that I shall be returning to these in the non  too distant future and think about developing them further with wire and beads.

Finally I wish to thank you all for your comments last week. I took on board Natalie’s idea from freespiritdesigns and did make a heart:

I actually made 2 of these and then joined them together with stuffing in the middle. I thought it would make a great and unusual key-ring.

If you don’t know either of the two blogs I have mentioned then do please go and have a look. They are both very talented people. Again I apologise to CrocKnits for doing you out of some income. Use her patterns if you decide to have a go. 🙂 She also has many others – look her up on craftsy.

As always I am going to be popping over to Handmade Harbour to see what other talented people have been up to this week (freespiritdesigns is usually there!) It really is worth it :).

Spot The Difference!

This week I have to credit the wonderful blog entitled planetpenny  (do go and have a look at it if you do not know it) which I found through Handmade Monday over at Handmade Harbour.

Penny recently wrote a post about using different yarns and hooks and the effects it has on the finished item:

crochet_mouse_group2With kind permission from Planet Penny

Without setting out to I have sort of done the same thing this week with a bracelet. I started off with this pattern thinking that it would make a good bracelet:

A Looped Braid

 It did but the added chain along the edge REALLY didn’t work (you are going to have to trust me on this because I ripped it back before taking any pictures!)

The braid bracelet in green wire.

I thought that adding beads would be good but unfortunately the wire that I had used was a bit too thin  (0.2mm) so the beads would over power it. So I went to my wires and choose this thick wire:

Thicker green wire with pink beads added.

I liked it and but wanted to try it in the silver wire that I use most often in my jewellery:

Silver wire and turquoise beads!

So here you have it. The same bracelet in three different widths of wire using the corresponding appropriate hook.

The three crocheted braid bracelets.

The initial green (bottom) was made with 1mm hook and 0.2 mm wire.

The silver wire (middle) was made with a 3mm hook and 0.35 mm wire.

The dark green one (top) was made with a 5mm hook and 0.5mm wire.

Proof (as if you need it) that what applies to yarn also applies to wire! Which is your favourite? As I went along each one surpassed the other as my favourite.

3 braided bracelets on an arm!

Do you think any of them would work as a necklace?

Before I head over to Handmade Harbour to see what everyone else has been up to this week I just wanted to share some earrings that I made on Thursday night during  creativesunite (you pledge to craft for an hour). I think this is a great idea as it gets me off this and busy doing what I should be doing – do come and join in if you can. Anyway here they are:

Turquoise Wreath Earrings

Red Wreath Earrings

Not bad for one hours work? What could you do in an hour? Fancy giving it a go?

Now come and join me over at Handmade Harbour and have a look at some of the wonderful blogs over there.

Have a good week.:)

Eureka! (and a bit of Duh!)

Eureka! (TV series)

Don’t you just love those moments when you suddenly realise something that now appears to be so obvious? I don’t get them that often but was luckily enough to have one this week. On the one hand I feel so stupid but on the other so excited!

This idea came from a couple of necklaces I designed (in thread). I initially had a play a week or so ago and was waiting for the beads that I had ordered to arrive. This week I set out to make them properly in wire. As always I started off full of energy and enthusiasm. Two attempts later I was feeling a bit less so!

My initial idea came from this book:

Product Detailsand in particular this design:

It looks simple enough except I couldn’t quite work out how! I  started off with 2 ‘bands’ and attempted to add the loops with no success!

I initially was going to put the loops on to the little rings.

This is a plain one but I used a larger hook










I then decided to look at the diagrams a bit more carefully…. and that is when lightning struck – why don’t I work around the necklace the other way. In other words instead of working all around the total length of necklace each time, work the width. As I said – not exactly earth shattering but enough to radically alter my work. Oh and it worked:

I worked from one end to the other end, (about 2 double crochets on each line!)

As you can see it is still not totally finished – I need to work on making the loops tighter so there is no room for the beads to slip around BUT…. the loops work – HOORAY!

I don’t like the necklace but really feel that this technique has great potential. Here is a bracelet that I made which works a bit better:

I got the loops tighter so the beads don’t slip.

Here it is being modeled.

I have further plans of which I am really excited about but you will have to wait a bit longer for these, sorry!

Finally, I wish to thank Mrs A and Jan from handcrafted by Picto. Their comments gave me another ‘duh’ moment when I felt a bit silly (well, OK really silly). In my last post I mentioned that the Ganny Square Necklace started out as a bracelet but it didn’t fit. These wonderful people gave me the very simple solution – add in extra chain to make it fit. See, DUH why could I not think of that? Instead of chain I added extra beads:

So what do you think? I think brilliant!

Your comments are always really useful to me and I really appreciate the time you take to do it. Thank you. If anyone has an obvious great idea that I have missed again then do please tell me – as you can see I am not always that good at identifying the obvious! 🙂

Do please join me as I now head over to Handmade Monday on Handmade Harbour where, amongst many others you will find the brilliant Mrs A and Jan. It really is worth a visit.

Wire Copper and Gold Granny Square Necklace


I have continued along with the theme of the Granny Squares this week. Following  comments from Divine Debris Jewelry and from Free Spirit Designs who said how much they like the copper wire I set off to make a bracelet using squares made from this wire.

Not quite right:

I thought that I would make one feature Granny Square using the copper wire with two gold ones each side. The gold wire I have is thinner and the squares therefore come out smaller

In between each granny square I put a Swarovski Pearl bead. I was really pleased with it until I realised that it wasn’t long enough to go around the wrist!

As you can see the top one is not as long as the bottom one (which is the bracelet from last week.)

What now?

I had a quick discussion with my knowledgeable and opinionated son but didn’t come to any conclusion! However a bit later I suddenly had a brainwave (yep – doesn’t happen that often but did this week!) I would make it into a necklace:

I have to say that I think it is my favourite piece so far. No doubt partly because I love these colours.

The icing on the cake:

To top it all off I then found a lovely new way to make the ‘chain’ – a twisted braid. I really love this:

It is really simple to do (it does actually involve twisting the hook and wire around 360′) and it looks lovely too. I really feel that it finishes off the necklace really well. I hope that you agree.

Being Sunday I am now going to head over to Handmade Monday on Handmade Harbour to read the lovely blogs over there and see what else has been created this week. I really recommend that you come too.

Granny Square Wire Bracelet

Granny Square:

Yes, you read that correct, my next project began with a simple old Granny Square. It occurred to me that I spent last week working on diamonds which are actually just squares so I flicked through a book and found this one:

This is a photo of the square I used from the book.

This is my attempt in cotton:

Hmm a bit like the book?

I obviously didn’t block!

And this is it in wire:

This is in 0.2mm wire, using a 1mm hook

The Project:

With this being very dainty, (and for a bit of a change) I decided to make several of these wire granny squares (it is a square honest!) and turn them into a bracelet:

I hope that you can see that between each one is a simple pearl bead.

Your advice please:

For those of you with extra beady(!) eyes you will see that I have not put any findings on yet. That is simply because I am not sure what to use yet. I have chunky ones that will look a bit out of place. I did toy with the idea of just using a bead and a loop but am unsure. What would you use?

And for the future:

I have been playing around with the wire granny squares and had a go at adding beads and also doing it in slightly thicker wire. This still needs some work on but here is what I have done so far:

I used 0.30mm wire for this one so it comes out a bit bigger.

I thought that I may do something along these lines and use it as the ‘feature’ square in the wire bracelet and put the smaller, thinner wire squares around for the band. What do you think? I always get such good feedback from everyone over at Handmade Monday so a huge thanks to you all. I find your help invaluable.

Ps: I did comment on everyone’s blog post over at Handmade Harbour last week although I seemed to have trouble getting some of them published. I am sorry if that was you – I am hoping that things will go a bit smoother this week. I do so love reading about what you are all up to.

Curled Crib Necklace

Rushing on.

I had a conversation today with Joanne Scrace which made me realise that I really ought to reign myself in. I am so busy rushing on to tackle new ideas that I don’t ever really see things through to the end. This maybe simply not quite finishing off a piece (weaving in all the ends etc)  to remaking items with the odd change so that I feel fully happy with it.


So this evening I got on and finished a necklace. I did not have much to do – just redo the i-cord on one side.

My first attempt was flat!

I had already re-done one side, so not much work left. First I had to undo the i-cord I had already done which is not as easy with wire than with yarn as it catches. I am, however getting the hang of it. Once I had done that it was a relatively quick to re-knit the i-cord.

So remember this?

Well it now looks like this:

A bit longer now!

A Mind of its own!

This necklace really dictated to me as I went along. I kept thinking that one more diamond will be enough, but each time it just wasn’t. I also toyed with the idea of ending with half diamond shapes but that never happened either!

So there you have it. A completed necklace. Quite an achievement for me if I do say so myself! 🙂

Beaded Ring

A Week of learning!

Following on from playing around with triangles last week I thought that the next step may be to take the shape into a ring. I have seen some large rings that are diamond-shaped, covering the whole of the lower part of the ring. I innocently thought that moving into the ring would not be that different or hard! Well, at the moment all I can say is that it was definitely a week of learning!


As always I started off with trying the pattern out in cotton:

A small knitted diamond!

As you can see, true to form it curled up and needed pinning down! Then followed the first complication (totally of my own doing, of course!). I thought “hmm why don’t I crochet one too!” So I did:

A small crocheted diamond.

This one doesn’t curl up so much. (Please don’t look too closely at these as they are nowhere near perfect!)

A first go:

I first tried crochet.

I was really pleased with the way this turned out. It sort of curves in on itself.

So I then thought – beads.

Attempt Number 2:

Hmmm – needs more work I think!

I tried knitting this and ….it didn’t work! So I pulled this apart and started again. This time I referred to a book leant to me by Notsogranny:

Western and Eastern!

It gives clear instructions on how to knit with beads on every row. Apparently there are 2 different types of knitting: Western and Eastern (no not continental as I would have thought). To do this sort of beading it appears that you have to use a mixture of both in order to get the beads on the same side of your work.

After a few attempts, (I was unable to thread the beads onto cotton so went back to my trusted wire, but then managed to break it a couple of times), I managed this:

It is nowhere near perfect but not at all bad for a first attempt! I am quite proud of myself really. You also have to take into account that this method is not meant to be used with wire.

My Second First

This week I taught myself to knit an i-cord. At first it was a bit flat:

More like a thin knitted strand really but the second time  I got it and made the band for the ring:

So there you have it. I managed to do a knitted beaded ring complete with a knitted i-cord. 😀

Have you managed to teach yourself something new recently? I would love to know.

I am now going to go over and see what other people have been up to on their crafty blogs at Handmade Harbour. I really recommend that you have a look too.

Curly Triangular Jewellery

A Prototype

Ok. So now I have gone from circles to triangles! (Any guesses as to what will be next?) I firstly (as nearly always) did a mock-up in thin cotton, and instead of coming out as a triangle it came out twisted. A 3D shape instead of a “2D”:

This is it uncurled! It is a triangle – honest.

I was really impressed with myself and quickly went on to use wire (in case it wouldn’t work if I left it or something!). It did work and so I made these two earings:

I used 2mm wire and 2mm DPN’s. Plain and simple! I have run out of findings so apologise for that but you can still see the effect.

Another prototype!

Then I felt as if I was on a roll. I did this:

Held open!

I really liked this too and thought about using it in a necklace format. With the earings I ummd and arrrd whether they needed beads adding  and I may still do this but for the moment I wanted to consider the necklace. I wondered about adding a bead at the thinnest point between each one or using small beads along the edges to give it some definition. This is what I have decided on and despite it not being finished I am so excited about it I am going to let you all have a little preview now:

I am excited about this because it has really come about by happy accident and I feel that it is totally unique! It is not finished because it is organic and keeps evolving of its own accord. I finish one bit and think it needs just one more but somehow it is never quite there! (If you look carefully you can see the knitting needle attached at the back!

As you can see I went for beads along the edges, giving definition and in between as well. Being wire it holds it shape really well. As I keep looking at it I can think of lots of minor additions and adjustments that may well become a sister piece!  I am going to go and have a look at what other people have been up to this week over at Handmade Harbour before getting on to finish this necklace! Hope you all have a good week and do let me know what you think of this necklace – it will help me to shape future work!

Knitted Interlocking Ring Necklace

I have been continuing along the theme of circles this week and made a knitted necklace from wire. For those of you who don’t follow my facebook page here is the inspiration:

This came from one of the Jewellery Magazines given to me by Joanne Scrace.

The Process:

I started off making all the individual rings (well strips to make into rings later):

As always I used the beads that I had to hand (red and clear). I used silver wire 0.35mm thick and 2mm DPN’s. In total I made ten strips (5 of each colour). I then simply made them into circles, interlocking them with each other as I went.




As I was using the materials I had to hand, the clear beads were not quite as big as the red. This meant that the clear beaded strips came out a bit smaller than the red. I don’t think this matters too much and makes a bit of a design feature. What do you think?

In the future I am going to only use quality beads. There is a difference and they are so much nicer to work with. There is a beading fair near here on Sunday and despite it being Father’s Day I have the all clear to go (I cannot tell you how excited I am!).

As always I love to hear your comments – are there any alterations that you would make?