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My Handmade Wardrobe

Spring has begun to spring here in the UK and I have very much had spring cleaning fever (by that I mean clearing out all the junk that none of us needs). It started off as quite fun but I am now at the point where I have had enough and the house still does not quite look like I would like it to. Hey HO, I shall persevere.

With As part of my Spring clean I decided to tackle my clothes. To be honest I am a bit fed up with my clothes. I don’t know whether it is an age thing or I have not updated recently but I just don’t feel excited by many of my outfits now. Sorting through them I did notice that I have a lot of greeny/browny coloured clothes. I always thought that I was quite a colourful person but it seems not. This is something that I will have to consciously address over the next few months.

I did sort out quite a few things to get rid of (including some smelly running tops that my husband will be so pleased to see the back of). As May is rapidly approaching along with the challenge started by Zoe called me-made-May  where you pledge to wear your handmade and upcycled clothes as much as you  declare, I decided to take photos of the things that  I have made so that I can truly see what clothes I have ready for the May challenge. (Last year I thought that I would have made loads by now…..)


This was my first ever knitted item that I made when I was a teenager. It is incredibly warm and only worn when I want a bit of comfort.


This poncho was the first item I made on my return to knitting.


This Angel wings ‘Bolero’ is a favourite of mine. Nice and warm but not too bulky.


This falling leaves jumper looks amazing on.


This is a wrap dress that is the first item of clothing I made from cloth as an adult.


My first pair of trousers.


A jersey top.

I also have 2 pairs of socks, a scarf and three shawls. I wear the shawls the most.

At the end of last year I thought that I would manage to make 1 item of clothing a month. I have failed on this target so far although I have a cardigan that is nearly finished (buttons and ends) and another one well on its way. I also have the pieces cut out for another jersey top so if I get my skates on, I am not that far off my target after all……I have just not finished one a month.



Nothing to see here

Unfortunately the title says it all. As I said in the last post I was a bit unwell last week which meant normal activities was enough for me. That, along with a family birthday this weekend has left very little time for sewing or knitting. 😦

The time that I had to sew has been spent trying to get a twin needle to work. I was left with this:

As you can see, I wasn't successful.

As you can see, I wasn’t successful.

The knitting has not been going well either as I needed to be able to concentrate. The illness has meant no running has taken place either.

With a busy week ahead at work I doubt that I will have much to report on. I fear I may be a bit quiet this week. The only upside is that my breathing is returning to normal so I may just be able to get back running again which is just as well as the marathon is getting closer and closer.

I hope you all have a happy week and that I have something to report soon 🙂

It is meant to be!

Last week something really exciting happened on Twitter. I noticed a link to instargram by a friend Truly Myrtle. I clicked through and saw the most beautiful shawl. What is more she designed it herself. I was feeling a bit cheeky –

Conversation on twitter.

Conversation on twitter.

How lucky am I? The e-mail come through really quickly and I got straight online to order the yarn required.

Having ordered it I then had a panic – it would not come in time! I decided to phone the shop Meadow Yarn and try to upgrade my postage to a faster service. You know what? The lady was SOOOO lovely that she offered to do it for me without charging me any extra as her random act of kindness for the day. I was totally gobsmacked!

The best bit of all? IT CAME 🙂 I was so grateful that I phoned the lady straight away to tell her that it had arrived. The Yarn is soooo yummy:

Wasn’t this project just meant to be? I really hope that I enjoy knitting this. It has a quick turn around so look out for updates :). Oh and I will so be visiting Meadow Yarns again!



Something New

Test knitting means that I challenge myself to learn new techniques without really thinking about it. I agree to make the piece and then do whatever it takes to be able to complete the item. My latest test knit hadn’t even got started before I had to (admittedly re-) learn how to do a provisional cast on using a crochet hook.

It is not a difficult process but one that means you work from an edge that can be undone and added to at a later date.

This is what it looks like once you have started with the yarn you are knitting with:

The provisional cast on with the beginning of the pattern.

The provisional cast on with the beginning of the pattern.

Looking good so far 🙂 There will be more ‘firsts’ for me on this pattern coming up!


Finishing the old, starting new

When I finished my latest knitting project I realised something:

knittingThe night I finished the project I was happy to have finished but the morning after I felt quite sad as I realised that my much-loved, go-to project that I could pick up easily was finished.

Luckily for me my next project has already been decided and I picked the pattern and yarn up today. Many of you will acknowledge that I am feeling happy to have a new project, something that is particularly highlighted as I have the added excitement of not being 100% sure of what it will end up looking like. This is because, as like the last project, I will be knitting the first ever version. I love this and feel so, so privileged. It is a bit sad as it means that I am unable to share either with you for some time but be sure, I will when I can.

This is the yarn that I have just finished knitting with.

This is the yarn that I have just finished knitting with.

The colour has not come out in this photo, it is a lovely purple colour and it is lovely to work with so I am very excited to be working with more of this yarn for this next project.

Another thing that I like about knitting up things for the first time is that I get to try out techniques that I have not come across before. For the last project I had to wait right until the end to try out the new technique but it was worth the wait. It was the centre double decrease.

This shows you how to do it should you wish to know. It is a really great way to decrease quite heavily in an even way.

As for my next project…..well this is new for me right from the start as it is colour-work! I shall keep you informed as to how I am getting on. Meanwhile any tips for me?

So that was 2014……

I cannot believe that I am sitting here on the very last day of 2014. In equal amounts it seems ages, but also no time at all since I did this a year ago.

2014 the year that saw

a break in blogging (boo, far too much work :()

a very nasty chest infection (which caused me to miss running the London Marathon 😦 )

less crafting than I would like ( again I blame the work).

On a more positive note it saw:

Probably the thing I am most proud of in 2014.

In my eyes my biggest crafting achievement of 2014.

Another thing that I am very proud of was this headline that appeared in a local newspaper:

How teacher Alice, of Burwell, battled postnatal depression and won – and will run the London Marathon for Mind

Source thanks to Cambridge Evening News

I was finally able to talk about my experiences with Post natal depression.

Here are a few more:

I also learnt how to knit colour strand using both hands (something else that I am proud of.)

So what about 2015?

– more blogging (I hope).

– more running (I need to do the marathon this year or I lose my chance)

– I need to get on top of WordPress as during my break they changed things and I am not sure that all the posts I have written have actually been published :()

– dressmaking

– a bit of knitting and crochet along the way.

Here’s to a lot of adventures and great things for 2015,

Enjoy,   Alice.xx


2013 – The best bits.

I always admire posts on blogs that show a round-up of the best bits at the end of each month. So that is what I have decided to do for this, my last post of 2013. It may take me some time but I am quite determined. I hope you will enjoy it:

I knew that it would bring back a lot of memories for me. I think that I had the most awesome 2013. I am so hoping that 2014 will be as amazing. I am already excited about a couple of things that are on the horizon so do stay tuned.

happy new year 2014Background image from here.

Fed up with knitting?

I can hear all fellow knitters out there shouting NOOOOOOoooo. Impossible. Well I can tell you that it is not. Last Monday I sat for 6 hours, shut in a room with nothing other than knitting to do. Sounds like bliss? Well I would have thought so too, until it happened. I did have an hours break for lunch when I went out to stretch my legs. I also did quite a bit of nattering during the time. But I have to say that I was a bit fed up of knitting towards the end.

Maybe I should have read this first?                                        Source

The plus side is that I have very nearly completed my second sock 🙂 In a week? I know. Amazing.  I have just got the toe to finish followed by a bit of Kitchener stitch. I wasn’t put off for long as I soon picked it back up. I was on a bit of a mission you see. I look forward to showing you all the completed pair very, very soon. I have to finish them now!

Gentle Waves

Socks are one of those things that are on my (extremely long) to-do list. When a pattern that I really liked appeared in my copy of Simply Knitting I decided that now is the time to have a go. I bought some very expensive but gorgeous Malabrigo sock yarn.

This is the colour. As the socks have a lovely pattern I wanted something plain so as to show this off to it’s best.

When I first cast on I was a little bit worried by how thin the yarn is. I thought that it would take me for ever…..however socks are not that wide and so each round comes around fairly quickly. As mentioned, they are knitted in the round. I have to say that I think that I would probably prefer to use dpn’s, simply because I get really fed up keep having to pull the cable through the socks. Changing needles feels like it would be a lot easier…..

This shows the wave pattern quite nicely.

This shows the wave pattern quite nicely.

2 holed socks 033

Instead of a bowl, this time I have used a pint-sized glass!

It is upside down – the heel is at the top of the photo. This probably shows 1 and a bit weeks worth of knitting. Last weeks WI was very productive. I learnt about flower arranging whilst knitting! This morning I turned my first ever heel:

This might give you some idea of my first heel?

This might give you some idea of my first heel?

It was all done using short rows where you knit only a few of the total number of stitches without casting any off. It is a great technique – really clever. I have done it once before on a jumper but the instructions are really clear and so a complete beginner would be able to do it.

I am hoping that my fast pace continues and I have a completed pair to show you in a couple of weeks? I am only slightly scared that having done one I will think that the challenge is complete and the one will remain single! Do you have any tips to help?

A Polar Bear

Meet Paul the Polar Bear

Meet Paul the Polar Bear

polar side

My son did all the knitting himself, learning how to knit 2 together, ssk and pearl 2 or 3 together. Can you see the little tail?

polar standing

A very, very proud moment for me 🙂 He is now making a penguin!

I am sorry for this second slightly self-absorbed post in as many days….will try to resume normal posts asap. Thanks for being patient.