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Diamond Beaded Earrings

This last week I have been working on beading techniques, and producing some lovely bits of jewellery as well (yes, I do say it myself!). Firstly I made some earrings:

The earrings.

The earrings.

In order to make these I had to master ladder stitch and brick stitch. It took a bit of practice but I managed it in the end as the photograph above shows.

Can you tell which one is my practice one? (the one on the left!)

Can you tell which one is my practice one? (the one on the left!)

As I mentioned the first stitch that I learnt how to do was the ladder weave. This was the starting point and was the way I built up the row of pearls in the middle.

The last three steps are repeated until you get the length you require.

For this pattern it was 7.

For this pattern it was 7.

To begin with I found it tricky to get the holes all facing the same way (up and down and not facing the beads adjacent), with practice and a bit of manipulation this became easier. We are now ready to start the brick stitch. This is where you realise the importance of the position of the holes in the ladder stitch row as you thread the needle under the thread that runs along the top and bottom of the beads.

Brick stitch automatically forms a triangle shape so you end up with a piece looking like this:

IMG_0560For these earrings I chose to add 4 pearls to the top as a loop to add the earring hook onto:

IMG_0561The thread has to be brought back down to the pearl row so you can complete another set of brick stitch:

IMG_0563This end I added a larger pearl sandwiched between two smaller ones as a final detail.

IMG_0564I have had real trouble with the photography of these earrings. I wish you could see the true colour of these earrings – they are a lovely bright green/turquoise colour and look amazing. I am really looking forward to the chance to wear these with a lovely summer dress. 😉

This is a pattern that I really like and shall be doing again. I have an idea for a bracelet………

The other stitch that I have been working on is right-angled weave which I shall be sharing with you very soon. I really hope that you are having a wonderful weekend and not eating too much chocolate.


I have worked on another of my items from my to – do list…..working with beads without holes or cabochon’s. I found these amazing beads called luna soft cabochon.

Luna Soft Cabochon 18mm Round - Blueberry

They almost seem to have a light inside them (they don’t photograph that well). As there is no hole in them you have to make a ‘case’ for them using seed beads. To be honest, my first attempt is not quite what I was hoping for but I did learn the name for beading techniques along the way.

I started off with a ladder weave:

Ladder weave

Ladder weave

bezel 2

I then added in some tiny size 15 seed beads.

bezel 3

Next a bit of tubular herringbone stitch.

bezel 4

This time tubular herringbone stitch with three seed beads.

bezel 5

A final row of size 11 seed beads finishes this side off.

I now need to finish off the bottom row.

I now need to finish off the bottom row.

My finished cabachon. It is a bit too enclosed for m liking but it is a  start and is something that I can work on.

My finished cabochon. It is a bit too enclosed for m liking but it is a start and is something that I can work on.

I then decided to have another go, using a slightly different technique this time….more beading techniques learnt. 🙂

bezel o 1

This time I started with a right angle weave stitch.

bezel o 2

Next I added a row of beads in between the top beads from the previous row.

bezel o 3

I then added a tiny size 15 seed bead in between each of these beads. This was the top half completed.

This is the finished item.

This is the finished item.

I have to say I am really pleased with this. I think that I will make it into a ring. I will be making more of these, that is for sure.

Which version do you prefer?

Which version do you prefer?