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Progress on the leggings has been a bit slow this week. Too many mistakes and a bit more playing about. When it came to adding the pocket the pattern suggested using a twin needle, something I just couldn’t resist. Not that I know what I am doing. I didn’t even know that they existed before I started playing with the new machines.

The big news is that I still don’t really know what I am doing and have yet to complete this part of the pattern. I have lots of bits of sewing on the oddments of material that I have but nothing on the actual leggings. I did try to but it just wouldn’t work right. I shall have to do some more playing and a bit more research :).

I do now have the ‘back’ to the leggings now:

IMG_1209To go with the front from last week:

IMG_1204(Just proving that they are different!)

As my lovely sister-in-law said – a bit blowy to wear yet! Lets hope that this week is slightly less busy and I get more done!

I did learn some lessons however:

1. Don’t rush – I sewed the pieces together the wrong way around (Shhhh I know!)

2. Don’t sew when tired (see above!)

3. Unpick in daylight (SO much easier and you are less likely to put little holes in the material ;))

So there you have it. Do you have any advice when it comes to using twin needles?

PS: It would appear that I didn’t break the other machine – it must have been the dust that went up in smoke! (Phew!)

2 machines later……

In my last post I shared with you my latest sewing project, a pair of leggings for running. Sewing exercise gear involves learning how to deal with extreme stretch. My last sewing item was jersey which was stretchy enough but spandex is a whole new ball game. I have read so much about it on the web. Apparently I need an over-locker which I don’t have and have no intention of getting either. (Waaaay too expensive!) I could have used the zig-zag stitch on my simple but trusted machine …….. but then I found out that I could borrow an old, but top of the range machine.


Just look at all those buttons!

Just look at all those buttons!

This machine is amazing. It can even embroider words! I spent a happy time reading the instruction book and generally acquainting myself with it. Yesterday I sat down to thread the bobbin and had just worked out how to thread it when smoke began to pour out of it. I hadn’t even started stitching anything yet. Arrggghhhh.

It was not a pleasant experience. I turned it off and unplugged it. There was still smoke pouring out of it. In the end I decided to put in the garden – just in case! (I had visions of it bursting into flames!)

Talk about being gutted. When things go wrong I tend to tell my parents. Luckily they are very nice and understanding. My Mum said that it wasn’t my fault (but it couldn’t have been anyone else!) and even volunteered to lend me her machine (very brave!).

Machine number 2!

Machine number 2!

Less buttons but still lots of stitches and very shiny. I spent another lovely afternoon acquainting myself with this machine, trying out all the stitches to find the perfect one for my leggings. I decided to use a bobbin that was already loaded to prevent a re-occurrence of the last time and finally settled on a stretchy straight stitch. Setting it all up for ‘the real thing’ went without incident. After about an hour I ended up with:

Look - the leggings are beginning to take shape.

Look – the leggings are beginning to take shape.

A long way from being done but they are definitely on their way. I shall be getting the original machine looked at but for now I am happy with the one I have borrowed. Fingers crossed I will not blow this one up! (In case you are wondering, yes I have told the people whose machine I borrowed (my brother) and he just laughed. Phew!

Sewing running leggings

During my break from blogging I re-acquainted myself with sewing. I am aware that I have yet to share with you the wrap dress that I made but that will come, I promise. Following on from this I found a pattern for some workout clothes that I thought I would have a go at…..

I had hoped that I would get at least one item of clothing completed over the Christmas holidays, however we are talking about Christmas and well I just didn’t get time. I did make a start:

I foundĀ  Fehr Trade who has several patterns for work out gear. Great, a way to merge two of my hobbies. Luckily she explains what sorts of materials you need to make work out gear as well as a list of possible retailers.

Having ordered the material I downloaded the pattern and set about printing it out. Now printing patterns out means printing onto A4 paper, (obviously) and patterns need to occupy slightly larger bits of paper! This is not a difficult process but does involve a lot of tape. To start with I tried to do it piece by piece but soon realised that the way to go was to tape all the bits of paper together beforeĀ  attempting to cut.

Cutting the pattern out.

Cutting the pattern out.

I enjoy tasks like this and spent a very happy evening sticking and cutting, although I did take over the whole of the floor!

I ended up with the required pieces without any tears!

I ended up with the required pieces without any tears!

I was now able to continue as if I had bought a paper pattern:



Laying the pieces out on the material.

Laying the pieces out on the material.

I am now waiting for the perfect time to cut them out…….