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Do you have a Gmail e-mail account? Have you noticed the recent changes? I have to say that I haven’t thought too much about them except to be pleased that it breaks up the number of unread e-mails into smaller amounts making them slightly less daunting. Oh and the fact that it only happens on my laptop and not on my phone seems to make it a bit less permanent.

For those of you who are not sure what it is that I am going on about (maybe you don’t have a Gmail account or maybe the changes haven’t got to you yet) this is what my in box now looks like:

GmailWhat they have done is to divide your e-mails into three categories: primary, social and promotions.

To me, I simply go along and open each tab and have a look at the e-mails under each one. Just the same as I used to when it was all in one ‘box’. I gave it no second thought until I read a post someone had written about it.

If you have an e-mail list that you rely on and send around, even if you have e-mail subscribers to your blog you may want to consider the effect that this new organisation may have for you. It is likely that your e-mail and maybe your blog post notifications will find their way into the promotions box. If someone gets a lot of e-mails trying to sell them things etc it may end up with them treating this box like I treat my junk i.e. checking it in a blue moon. Your business may take a bit of a dive.

So what to do? You can educate your recipients in how to move your e-mails into the primary box where it is most likely to get noticed and less likely to get lost (you click and drag on the item and then check the box where it says always put e-mails into this box). More importantly though now (more than ever before) is to make sure your content is unmissable. I am aware   that you will always try to do this but if you now think of little tricks to make people look out for your e-mails then you are less likely to get lost. One suggestion is to run a little numbered series so tat people will notice if they miss one. Do you have any other suggestions of how to make your e-mails completely unmissable?