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Up and Down.

Training. Hmm. The date when official training should start is getting far too close for my liking. I seem to be in a pattern of having a good week followed by a bad week. Today, I wondered what on earth I am doing. My whole body seemed to be screaming at me, aching and hurting where it really shouldn’t be.

Two weeks ago, however, I had a much better time. I felt that I was getting faster and had settled into a ‘sort of a’ routine. I ran a paced one, an interval one, a recovery one, a longish one and a hill one. All in one week. Smug? well a little. Especially with the hill session.

I ran four miles all within one mile of my house, I even managed to find a ‘hill’ (for around here anyway).

I bet it doesn't look much like it to many of you - go on have a good laugh!

I bet it doesn’t look much like it to many of you – go on have a good laugh!

It does go on a bit further...

It does go on a bit further… I think I may have to take a photo at the bottom. Maybe it will look more like a hill from there?

I sprinted up it six times, jogging back down I felt strongish and on top of my mental doubting voice. The next week I barely ran at all. I still live with the good feeling which is what makes me keep going out and ‘trying’ to run.

How do you get yourself back into the ‘grove’? I hope mine comes back very soon. xx