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Another long run.

I did go to club last night. I didn’t want to as I was more than happy to sit on the sofa for the night but just about managed to muster up the energy.  It was Yasso’s. This is where you run 800 metres, have a 2 minute rest and then repeat. The idea is that you run each one at the same pace. We managed 6 in total that totalled 3.36 miles. I took it a bit easy as I had planned a long run for Friday. Another run completed.

Today was a glorious day and I set out for my first run of the year in just a short-sleeved t-shirt.

A glorious day.

A glorious day.

I was running with someone who has never run before and is now training for London. He is completely inspiring. I knew it would be a bit slower than I normal run but thought this would be a good thing.

As I was running with someone else I had not really thought about the run and was not very nervous (unlike last week!). The first 5 miles passed nicely as we chatted away. I was a bit disheartened when I realised that we had only run 5 miles as it felt like we had been going for a while but it was a nice easy pace so I didn’t stress too much. I had planned a route that was mostly on a cycle route so it was nice, quiet and rural.  We passed a lot of families out and about as it was a glorious afternoon.

2016-03-25 14.35.56

As we approached half way my legs began to feel a bit stiff but I was not worried, yet. I put it down to running a bit slower than normal. I found that when I pushed off a bit more the stiffness went a bit.

My running partner did begin to suffer with his knees in the last few miles. I managed to keep him going until about 15 miles which was the furthest that he had ever run. It is unfortunate that we were running through a village where his Mum lived as I think it was just too tempting to ask for a lift back. I carried on and completed the 17 miles. I have absolutely no idea where the rest of the miles will come from as I was completely finished.

Hey-ho. 17 miles completed today. 3.36 miles yesterday. That is over 20 miles over 2 days. Happy with that. Today’s run lasted 3 hours and 11 minutes which is all good preparation for the marathon. Only another hour and a bit to go on marathon day 😮


A little bit of bragging

On Thursday it was an out and back session at the club. The key to this is all about pacing. You run for 20mins in one direction and then turn around and aim to get back to the start in under 20 minutes i.e. faster than when you went out. It is really clever as the fast people get further and then have to run further back. In principle this means that there isn’t much over taking, always good for the confidence.

It worked. We set out at a nice steady pace and I was pleasantly surprised by how far we covered in the 20 minutes. I felt good and so began to speed up on the return journey. I hope that you don’t think that I am bragging if I tell you that I got back 2 whole minutes faster than I went out. I was so pleased. Yes, some would say that I set out too slowly but when I looked at my stats I got faster with each mile that passed:





(all in minute miles). Really happy with that.



Friday was indeed as windy as they had warned so I was really pleased that I hadn’t left the biking to do. It was really quite blustery (although nowhere near as bad as other places) but enough to really think that running my planned 10 miles was a bit mad. I attempted to get out of it by sending  a couple of texts to my comrade but to no avail. She simply replied in a joking way. I asked another friend to help motivate me and her response was don’t do it. That had the desired effect. Off I went.

It wasn’t easy at all and there were 2 miles at the beginning that were really tough going, a long uphill stretch that was straight into a head wind, strong enough to make us feel as if we were standing still. We eventually made it and were delighted to see that we had managed to move faster than we imagined. Our legs really felt it however.


Once we had finished it felt really good to have done our long run before tea on a Friday. The bonus being that we had run 10 miles at an average pace of 9.48. Really pleased with that too. I think the term is smug pants all the way. 🙂

I slept very, very well last night (nearly 11 hours!) and have a lovely relaxing day with no running or biking. Just a bit of walking. Gym tomorrow.

Have a lovely weekend one and all.