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Running for charity

This post is a bit late in the day really but throughout the training people have been asking who I am raising money for. When I got the place in the marathon I decided that this time I would just run it for myself as I didn’t want to ask people for money again.

Following a week where I seemed to have rather a lot of enquiries I decided to undertake a quick pole on twitter. It  revealed that maybe I should sign up for a charity so people can give if they wish to. I decided that I would choose to run for Mind again as it wouldn’t cost them anything for a new vest (I already have one) and it is a charity that remains very close to my heart. There is no pressure to raise any money at all but if people feel as if they would like to give then they can.

Not a week doesn’t go by when you don’t hear of someone struggling with their mental health and my heart always goes out to them. My immediate response is that I want to help. Unfortunately I know that I do not have the skills required. Yes, I have suffered in the past but I have no qualifications. The charity does, so the best thing I can do is to raise money for the charity so they can help all these people that need their help.

Should you wish to donate then the link is here.

Just look how far I have come!

Have I told you that I am running the London Marathon? I thought so 😉 It is now approaching very fast. In fact 2 weeks today. (eek!)

This is it. The medal that I shall be getting. How awesome is that?

Today has been one of those days where I have realised how amazing the journey has been and just how far I have come. I would go so far as to say that Sunday the 25th April will (hopefully) be the end of a journey of at least 7 years and probably more. I knew it would be emotional but that doesn’t really cover it. I would go so far as to say that I am a completely different person.

I have been very lucky for many reasons:

1.Initially I was very lucky to find the people who helped me overcome the worst of post natal depression  (maybe they found me!) My health visitor was amazing, supporting me and finding the help that I needed. One of these people was a former sufferer herself who gave me a lot of her time. Again a truly amazing individual who without, I would not be where I am today. This lovely lady also encouraged me to take up knitting again which has truly been a life line.

2. I was lucky enough to get a ballet place for the London Marathon on my first ever attempt. I decided that if I was going to do this then I wanted to use the opportunity to raise some money. My decision was pivotal in so many ways . It gave me the opportunity to share my experiences about my post natal depression to a wider audience and hopefully help other people to remove to seek help .

3. I wasn’t well enough to run the marathon last year so had to defer, which may not appear to be good at first. It was very hard at the time but a year later and I can see the benefits of this:

a) I have been able to ‘socialize’ with an amazing group of people through Facebook. These people are truly amazing. They are all running for MIND and have their own stories to tell. They have made me laugh and cry but above all have been amazingly inspirational. I am going to miss these people.





b) Through this group I have found the strength to come off my medication. It is early days but their stories and experiences have convinced me that I have got the strength and can do it.

4. I am happy with who I am and I no longer worry what other people think. This is a truly amazing feeling for me who spent a lot of my life being sorry and trying to conform to what I thought other people were like.


The journey has been hard. There have been times, even this year when I thought I wouldn’t be able to run the marathon due to health reasons (asthma). I do know that I am going to find the 26.2 miles really, really, really tough going. I will however do it whether I have to walk, shuffle or crawl around. When the times get hard I will remember why I am doing it and where it has allowed me to get to. I am and will always be very grateful for the opportunities the whole experience that I have been lucky enough to have.

Should you wish to donate then this is the link. http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/Knitnrun4sanity

I also have a competition going. For minimum donation of £4 if I have to post, £2 if not to go towards Mind. Guess how long it will take me to run the London marathon. The winner will receive a bespoke bracelet like the one below in any colour you choose. Times range from 3 hours to 6 hours and 22 mins (each hour has .12, .24, .36 and .48). Simply donate on my page http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/Knitnrun4sanity and let me know the time you would like. 





MINDful training

Thank you to all who have commented on my last post. It is definitely great to be back. Look at me 2 posts in one week!

At the weekend I did something that I am slightly embarrassed to admit. I went to London….on….my….own. I know that it sounds mad but it is true. I got dropped off at the station. Got on a train and sat down to crochet with everything…..quiet. Yep, no chattering children but a VERY noisy old train. Oh well everything couldn’t be perfect could it?

My reason for going was for a get together for everyone running the London or Brighton Marathon for MIND.  Amazing!

This was where we met… the London Marathon Shop.                                         Source

This is the entrance. The TV’s showed the race. I had no idea that there was such a place. Right by Liverpool street should you be wondering. The best bit was that MIND runners get 20% off all the goodies in the shop. How tempting is that?

Inside there are a lot of lovely things. Some really nice tops and lots of shoes…….

This was one of my favourite bits….examples of the medals for each of the races.             Source

Downstairs was amazing. There is a ‘locker room’ with showers. The doors were amazing as they were really well hidden.

When they were shut that is!                      Source

All this showers bit was very important because we were going on a training run before lunch and talks. Don’t want to be all smelly for the rest of the day! The run was a 10k which was great because I knew that I could do it. The worst bit was the worry that I may just get lost. There was someone at the front and someone at the back but I was unlikely to be at either of these points so needed to ensure that I kept a close eye on those in front. This was harder than it might appear because London is full of people. (I know, shocking concept!)

This is a picture of the route.

This is a picture of the route.

Reading the blogs of people lucky enough to run in London regularly (Lottie of London) this was a really big thing for me as I read their posts and wish. We went past the London Eye, Big Ben and the houses of Westminster as well as some lesser known parts.

One thing that I had not appreciated before Saturday was the problem that people cause. I run on my own more often than not, in quiet streets. The only time people are a real problem is when I run in organised events. Even then the people are generally moving in the same direction but in London there is no order whatsoever. I now have a great deal of respect of people running in cities. Dodging takes on a whole new meaning! I am also convinced that I ran a bit further than the 10.2 they said I did.

On an entirely different note, my Garmin took some adjusting to working in London and being surrounded by tall buildings so it didn’t record the full 10K as it took a while to find a reliable signal (at one point the pace was 03.00 minute miles!!) I do think that I did run quite fast – probably all that dodging about!

As far as my husband was concerned I actually came away without spending any money despite being very tempted!











Well hello everyone. It has been a long time and I have missed you all.

The excuses:

I have increased my hours at work (rather drastically). All the work that I do at home tends to be on a laptop and the last thing that I feel like doing is firing up another one. However this weekend the urge is too hard to resist. I am returning.

Older and wiser

I cannot promise that I will post regularly but I figure that some is better than none and I will definitely be a better person for it so here I am. 🙂 I am going to try to be a little less obsessive and more relaxed. We shall see…….

So what have you missed?

Duhh. LOADS. Obviously! I shall not bore you with a very long post now but catch you up over time. For now here is a little taster:

  • I have knitted a couple of top-secret knits for notsogranny that were very enjoyable. Hopefully  they will be coming out soon so I can share them fully. One involved stranded knitting which meant that I had to learn knitting with yarn in both hands:Oh I am so proud of myself!         Source
  • I have re-committed to  running stumbling around the London marathon for the charity mind.        
  • I have rejoined the local running club.
  • I have started to teach 4 children to knit.
  • I made a dress! (yes really)
  • Currently I am crocheting this hill top hat (again by notsogranny) Hill Top Hat

So, enough for now methinks. What about you? What have you been up to?

Thank you and …….sorry.

I have been completely overwhelmed by all your supportive comments regarding my last post. Thank you, as without you all I would never have managed it. Trying not to be sensationalist, without you all, I would never have got to where I am today. The weekend would not have happened.


I would also like to thank everyone that has sponsored me. I am amazed.

But…….here is the bad news………

I am unable to run the marathon on Sunday.


I feel that I am letting everyone down but my wonderful doctor (who was so brilliant when I was suffering from PND) has advised me that it may not be the most sensible thing to do seeing how poorly I have been this past month (+).

I am really, really gutted but deep down know that it is the right thing. My training has not really gone as planned and I am not nearly as fit as I would have liked to be before running a marathon. Simply put, my health has to come first. I have seen enough people collapsed at the side of the road during half marathons to know that you cannot take any run lightly.

Luckily I can defer my place until next year.


Yep, I can do it all again next year, the running in the dark, the long races, the boring posts….. My husband is delighted! (but is obviously very supportive at the same time ;)) The money that I have raised in sponsorship can be forwarded onto next year too. I am going to use this year as a spring-board for next year. I am going to take this opportunity to raise even more money for this brilliant cause that I have chosen. I will learn from things that I felt went wrong for me this year and hopefully reach this point, next year, stronger than ever.

So sorry to let you all down but the journey does not finish here – we are simply half way along the road.


Mind – My Way To say Thank You

It is one month to go until the London Marathon. I always had the intention of raising money for a charity. I had even decided which charity it would be, but had not got around to doing anything about it.

I have now. The charity that I am running for is Mind:

Mind - Mind has been speaking out for better mental health for 60 years and is the leading mental health charity in England and Wales. At Mind, we work for a better life for everyone with experience of mental or emotional distress.We’re Mind, the mental health charity. We believe no one should have to face a mental health problem alone. We’re here for you. Today. Now. Whether you’re stressed, depressed or in crisis. We’ll listen, give support and advice, and fight your corner.

In today’s world more and more of us are affected by some type of mental illness, whether it is themselves, a family member or a friend. After the birth of my children I suffered from Post Natal Depression. It was a horrible time and I honestly didn’t believe that I would ever get any better. I was lucky. I did.

It took me a long time to actually come to terms with it and admit that it was a problem I had. When I was signed off sick I was worried about what my employer would think, that it would remain on my records and effect my working life for ever more. In the end I was persuaded  to stop working for a while to concentrate on me and my family.

My Name is …….. and I suffered from Post Natal Depression

I threw everything that I could at it and, slowly began to recover. As I did so I spoke to others, telling them that I had suffered from PND. Their response was amazing. Most said that they had no idea – I had hidden it well (as most people do) and suffered at home, with my family the only witnesses. The other was how often others said something along the lines of

yes I had that too!

Talking about it

It is my belief that the more we talk about it (any form of mental illness) then the less stigma there will be and the easier it will be for people to seek and get help. I was one of the lucky ones. I have made a full recovery and feel better now than I have for a long time. I learnt a lot through my journey.

Thank you

Raising money for Mind is my way of saying thank you to the people who helped me. It gives me a chance to share my experience, and hopefully be one tiny step to ‘normalising’ mental health a bit.

Should you wish to support me then you can sponsor me be following this link. I have no minimum amount of money to raise – anything I get will be a bonus to me and the charity. Every penny will help me to drag myself through the difficult times that I know I will go through on Sunday 13th April as I attempt to get around 26.2 miles.

Thank you. xxx