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New Years Eve 10K 2013

Yesterday, as I was scrolling back through my posts I saw that my first post of 2013 was a review of the New Years Eve 10K. So, to continue the tradition here is the review for the 2013 race.

After last year I was rather concerned about the forecast for rain and gales. Luckily there was no rain and the winds were only gusting at 20mph! Easy then!

The lovely bag piper who starts us off with good cheer and welcomes up the top of a hill at the end!

The lovely bag piper who starts us off with good cheer and welcomes up the top of a hill at the end!

Waiting around at the start it was chilly but the trusty bin liners helped to keep the wind at bay. There were, as always friendly people around to help park, find your way and generally cheer you on along the way. It was blowy and fairly bleak but i felt much happier with myself this year.

The Stats:

Last year:                                                        This year:

Mile 1: 7.56                                                      8.21 – far more sensible

Mile 2: 8.29                                                      8.45

Mile 3: 9.12                                                      9.02

Mile 4: 9.11                                                      8.59

Mile 5: 9.51                                                      9.30           (this the windiest and uphill part of the course!)

Mile 6: 9.02                                                       8.59

Total: 55.50                                                       55.30

Average pace: 8.55                                           8.55

I am quite surprised by this comparison. I felt about 100 times better after this years race – I didn’t collapse at the end, even feeling quite strong. I guess I ran it in a far better way. I did manage a pb (just!) but felt as if I deserved it more this year. Overall I was happy with the way I ran it.

Race Stats:

Last year:                                                      this year:

99th out of 198 ladies.                                 103 out of 211 ladies

Place: 375 out of 539 total.                           384 out of 553 total.

What is interesting about this race is the comparison between my timing and the official timing. There are no chips which usually means that the time on my watch doesn’t match that of the ‘official’ time as the timer is started when the bell goes – not when I cross the line. This year the official time  matched my watch! I wonder if that means I should take it that I actually did it slightly faster? I shall leave you pondering that one.

The best bit of the race?

Beer for all runners at the 10k race. Picture: ROB MORRIS


No medals – just bottles of beer 🙂

I just hope that the running goes as well over the rest of the year – it is going to be a big one.