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Snowflake Bunting

Isn’t it odd how habits stick? There is no Handmade Monday this week but because it is Sunday I am still going to write a post. I simply cannot help myself!

For the last few weeks I have been busy crocheting snowflakes with wire. You have seen this snowflake before:

Wire Snowflake

This is a nice and quick snowflake designed by Notsogranny (the pattern can be found here). The other snowflakes I made are much bigger and came in a supplement from Simply Knitting. (You can find the patterns here.) They also take longer than the first one.

Wire snowflake 2

xmas2012 022

xmas2012 023

So there you have it. I made three large ones, each one different. I also had two silver and two copper notsogranny ones. I strung them all together and hung them on my mantle piece.

I really like the way the wire catches the light and 'sparkles'.

I really like the way the wire catches the light and ‘sparkles’.

So there you have it – a different sort of bunting for Christmas. Have you made any Christmas bunting or have you been too busy making presents for people?

I wish you all a very merry Christmas :).

A Quick Update

A while ago you may remember that I had a dilemma with some knitting that I was doing. I had made a mistake which in order to correct meant ripping back about half of the work I had already done. Many of you gave me your opinion on this and, after much procrastinating I decided to rip it back. In the event it only took me just over one evening to re-knit the rip back. It was so worth it as I now know that there is no mistake on the piece.

This is it - a shrug called Angel wings.

This is it – a shrug called Angel wings.

I really love it. It is warm, fits over most things and looks amazing (even if I do say so myself!). The pattern is in the current issue of Yarnwise magazine and more info can be found here.

A close up of the cabling that forms the wings.

A close up of the cabling that forms the wings.

It is a quick knit with enough pattern to make it interesting without being too difficult. I recommend it.


I won a giveaway this week (YAY). A huge thanks to Joanne Scrace (Notsogranny) and Artesano. It was to celebrate the release of Artesano silk blend book 2. Joanne has two projects published in this book and was giving away the book and the yarn to knit one of the patterns. To enter I had to decide which project I would knit and which colour way I would use. That was really easy for me – the Triogona pattern (by Joanne naturally) in the colour that she knit it in for the pictures. For those of you not able to follow the link here is the yarn:

You know a yarn is posh when it comes in hanks, not balls!

You know a yarn is posh when it comes in hanks, not balls!

It is a colour made for me being a very fair coloured person. I think that I am going to have great fun knitting this over the holidays. The yarn feels absolutely divine. I am such a lucky, lucky girl 🙂 (sighing with pleasure!) It just shows that it is worth entering the giveaways on blogs as you never know if you may win. 🙂

An exciting new collection

This week, amongst the Christmas build up madness something quite exciting happened. My friend notsogranny launched her latest collection that she had designed in collaboration with Eden Cottage Yarns. It is called Bletchley.

Nothing exciting in that you might think, except that I was lucky enough to have been asked to knit some of the original pieces that were then used for the photo shoot. How awesome is that?



This was the first bit that I knitted. It is called Baudot, a lace knit slouched beanie that actually has an original cipher code hidden within the lace work. How cool is that?



This is the Bombe. This is the piece that I am most proud of because it was my first ever go at colourwork (thanks to Joanne for her confidence in me). Luckily it wasn’t anywhere near as difficult as I thought it would be and was a piece that I really enjoyed knitting. It is knitted in the round and then grafted together. Please don’t be put off by any of this. If, like me you are new to it don’t dismiss it because it really isn’t as hard as it sounds.

Both of these pieces were quick to work with the yarn being a real pleasure to work with. The only downside to all this is that when I see Joanne wearing them I feel slightly jealous….maybe it is time that I treat myself to my own?

Behind the scenes info

Should you wish to find out more about why the collection is called Bletchley then check out Joannes post here.

The complete collection

To have a look at the other amazing pieces that are part of the collection or to purchase the patterns then head over here.