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Uh oh!


I have just 2 weeks until a half Marathon that I have signed up for. That in itself is not particularly a problem, except that I have not managed to do much training at all. In fact, if you look at my running totals page you will see that my training has fallen to the lowest level this year! In June I ran 109 miles and in July just 39! My last run of distance was on the 28th July (8 miles), nearly a whole month ago.



I am very weak-willed and so will make some excuses. August is holiday time. I have three mini people who I love being around but are full of energy. When it comes to the evening      when I have the time to exercise I am quite exhausted. We have also had a lovely holiday away which was great fun but again, exhausting.

I do know that I could have made a bit more effort but ….. well enough of this. I am not going to get fit by making excuses.

“If you really want to do it, you do it. There are no excuses. “Bruce Nauman

This week looks like this:
Monday: 3.15 miles with average pace 10.22
Tuesday: 3.26 miles with average pace 10.27
(Probably a little bit too much chatting going on?)
Friday: 4 miles with average pace of 9.04
Saturday: 10miles with average pace of 10.02
It is probably true therefore, if you want something bad enough you will do it! I want to be able to run this half marathon without too much pain and I have realised that time is running out so I have started to train.
No Pain, No Gain
I knew that I was being a bit silly last night, going out and doing 4 miles but I couldn’t stop myself. The 10 miles this morning was only possible because I ran with my brother and I daren’t complain. (I did stop once because I felt very sick but he stopped soon after as it was raining very hard and he couldn’t see though his glasses!). I did find the last mile particularly hard and luckily found a bench just where I finished to (collapse) have a bit of a rest on. 🙂
I am a bit worried about the half marathon although I am trying to boost myself by saying that I did run 14 miles in less than 24 hours which must help my fitness? As for the next couple of weeks I will have to try my hardest not to go out and completely kill myself getting the miles under my belt!
If you have any words of wisdom to help me correct my mistake I would love to hear it. I have 2 weeks from tomorrow! Hope you all have a good week :).