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Fatigue begins to set in

You may have realised by the lack of posts last week that I am beginning to get a bit tired, and unable to cope with anything extra. It seems that I am not alone as other blogs that I follow that are also in training for a marathon have gone suspiciously quiet as well. We have reached the point in training where the miles are ever-increasing each week which obviously takes its toll on our bodies and energy levels.

Club Night

I was a bit sore after the PB on Sunday. I could feel the muscle in my calf on Monday and Tuesday morning so was unsure whether to go to running club or not. As it turns out, during the day it loosened off and so I decided to go but take it easy. Hmmm. I started out ok at 9 and half-minute miles but it was an out and back session so ended up at 8.43. I am just too competitive. At least it was only 4 miles! Unfortunately a bit of drama occurred as the person whom I had run with fainted during the stretches. Luckily she was ok and there were a lot of people who knew what to do but maybe a timely reminder to take things easy occasionally?


Wednesday I woke up thinking that I would drive to work but the sun was shining and so I thought that I would take the opportunity to bike to work. I literally flew along which was an awesome feeling. On the way home I realised why –  the wind had switched direction. Biking home was sooo harder than normal.

I had an appointment with the physio this afternoon who said that I had a bit of a knot in my calf that should not cause too many problems as long as I stretched and rolled it. He suggested that I took it easy at club night. You know how well I do with that!!!!!!!

Thursday Club Night

You may well be surprised but I did take it easy. I dropped down a group and managed a nice easy run of 6.5 miles at an average pace of 10.34. Best of all my calf felt Ok :). I took Friday as a rest day.

The long Slow Run

I did everything I could to find someone to run my long run with, without success. 😦 So after lunch on Saturday I set off for a 16 mile run on my own. I was dreading it. Mainly because I remember just how awful I felt during my 15 mile run last year – as if it was yesterday. I decided to set off nice and slowly and see how I went. My mental strategy was to run 6 miles, then add 2 miles to get half way, then another 2 to ten. This leaves just 6. It worked. I ran to a point where I would be returning to, stashed a water bottle and then picked it up on the way back. I even finished strong although I am not sure how I am going to manage another 10!


I wanted to run on Saturday to give myself 2 clear rest days to recover. In fact I got up and went to the gym for a strength training session….but then I had a quiet day. I even had a nap after lunch (but due to a child being poorly I had a disturbed nights sleep). Tomorrow will be another rest day. My body needs it.



Stop Running and Stop Panicking!

This post is for all those of you out there suffering from running related injuries. I know that there are a lot of you. I also understand how you are feeling but this post will hopefully make you feel a lot better and slightly more optimistic about any events coming up.


On Christmas eve I agreed to doing a run that I shouldn’t have done. As you all know, the run up to Christmas is a busy time so runs had become the barest minimum. With a 10k race coming up on New Years eve I was keen to try to build my confidence.

On Sunday I ran a 10k

6..21 mi


8:57 min/mi

Avg Pace



I was more than happy with that. My downfall really came when I agreed to run a paced run on Christmas eve with a friend.
6.21 mi
8:57 min/mi
Avg Pace


I had pain from the beginning but I pushed through…….BIG mistake. From that day on it hurt when I walked. The next few days were horrid as I came to terms with what I had stupidly done. I knew that rest was a good idea. I tried anti inflammatories. I googled it (never to be advised). Finally I consulted a physio. I wanted answers now and I wanted to do it properly as I have a marathon to train for! If you haven’t read the diagnosis then you can here.

It was three weeks before I put on my trainers again. I did do swimming, rowing and biking as I need to get those endorphins from somewhere but nothing is quite like running. 😦

On the 14th January I took the executive decision that I could run/walk a couple of miles. I was very careful as I had not had the official go ahead from the physio so definitely did more walking than running but all felt good.


The next day I got the all clear to go ahead and walk/run 🙂 This is what I did:

3.08 mi
9:53 min/mi
Avg Pace


All still felt fine. I then did some more run/walks until finally on the 21st January I finally ran 3 miles, 5 weeks after my final run.
3.00 mi
9:10 min/mi
Avg Pace


Look at the pace – not too shabby at all. I have now run 40 miles since then, gradually increasing the miles each week. (With a week off running due to a cold I might add!)

Last week I ran 8 miles in one go which is the furthest that I have run this year BUT and the best bit is that I did it in an average pace of 9.50 which I don’t think is too bad at all. The last time that I ran 8 miles pre injury was December the 8th and the average pace was 9.38.

So my purpose in writing this is that despite having had a total of 4 weeks out of 7 off running, my overall pace has not dropped anywhere as near as much as I expected. If anything I feel stronger than before. My body has had a bit of a rest, the pressure has been taken off me and I am enjoying running more than ever. Everytime I go out I remind myself how lucky I am to be able to go for a run.

lucky running

Original picture from here.

So if you have an injury my advice would be to cross train and to give it the rest it needs to repair itself. Your body will not go back to being a beginner runner overnight. All those miles and training really do count. So stop panicking and give your body the time it needs. Your body will definitely thank you for it.


As for me I am continuing to add-on the miles as I build up for the London Marathon which I am running for Mind. To read my story click here. To donate click here.

My up and down running week

I am pleased to report that my new trainers have been getting a few outings. My ankle / Achilles has, so far been OK. I managed to complete 4 runs last week YAY. The pace was one that I am more than happy with considering the 3 weeks or so enforced rest I had.

And then…..this week I have managed to get a cold 😦 I am so worried about getting another chest infection ( as last year) that I am being very cautious. Early bed-times, limiting the amount of work completed (I have the type of job where the work is never, ever completed), taking in plenty of fruit and veg as well as doing a bit of socializing etc. Unfortunately life does continue; children need ferrying, work continues and the house needs to be ‘kept under-control’. Add into the mix a husband with ‘man flu’ and a child poorly an easy week is not that easy. Fingers crossed that I have done enough.


On the plus side:

A visit to the physio resulted in me being allowed more running miles (when I get well) and 2 weeks before my next visit. It was also slightly less painful than the previous week.





I was able to share my love for running with children. There is a cross-country event coming up soon and I volunteered to take them out for a ‘trial’ run. It was great. We did a little warm up, a few laps – with some top tips obviously, and a cool down. It was lovely to see them achieve more than they believed they could. One more outing before the event next week. I feel myself volunteering to run a club before long!

I thought I was fit!

This week I have had a bit of a wake up call. Most of you will know that I ran a marathon on May the 6th.  Over the following three weeks I didn’t do much and when I tentatively started again I found that I had some pain in my right knee 😦

I decided to take it easy for a bit, concentrate on stretching and maybe cut back on the running a bit.

The obvious way for me to do this was to return to the gym for a bit. This in itself was a bit of a wake up call. My core and upper body strength was completely shot to pieces. I had obviously been neglecting this far too much.

In between gym visits I carried on running. Sometimes my knee was fine and others I had to keep pulling up with pain. Being inconsistent I decided that it was probably not too serious but did visit the doctor.

I have to say that I was very impressed. I got an open referral to a physio. I went along on Monday and had a 15 min ‘triage’ appointment.

I am right it is not serious. Apparently I have ‘runners knee’. The obvious response to this is that of course I have! It is obviously a relation to ‘tennis elbow’ and ‘policeman’s foot’! In other words common complaints due to consistent use.

I can live with this. It is not serious and I can get it better. The worst bit was when she did the assessment. it would appear that it is not only my upper body and care that is weak, my bum and some of the muscles in my legs as well.

I have been given some exercises to do. Fine except that the exercises I have to do are ones that I used to not be able to see the point of. I can now!

1.  The Clam

2. The squat with a pillow

Illustration of squat with squeeze excercise

3. Inside leg lift

I also have to Streeetch.

So what do you think? Am I just getting old?

I shall let you know how I get on.