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I have been making rings this week. Not that I planned it but, as is so often one ring led to another. Not that I am complaining. This is the first one:

I made it in pearls but think that crystals would look good too.

I made it in pearls but think that crystals would look good too.

I made it using 4 larger beads and 4 smaller ones.

Ring Number 2.

Another pearl ring but this time with a bit of added bling.


My final ring never got finished and has in fact been ripped out although I am happy to show you where I got to so you can see the general idea. The first bit is a good little tutorial of a Right-angle weave.

Whether I ever return to this ring remains to be seen. For the while it has been pushed away from reality.

Summer Rings

Whilst at Spoilt Rotten Beads at the weekend I spotted a bargain. The sun was out and I was really drawn to the lovely bright summery colours:

Such lovely, bright colours

Such lovely, bright colours

I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them – make them into rings so I also bought some of this:

0.8mm Non Tarnish Silver Plated Wire - 6 meters ).8mm silver plated wire.

I made three rings:

Simple wire wrapped rings.

Simple wire wrapped rings.

Can you see how I progressed?

Can you see how I progressed?

The front view.

The front view.

So which colour will you wear to bring on the summer?

(ironically I am writing this listening to the pitter patter of rain!) Bring on summer!


I have worked on another of my items from my to – do list…..working with beads without holes or cabochon’s. I found these amazing beads called luna soft cabochon.

Luna Soft Cabochon 18mm Round - Blueberry

They almost seem to have a light inside them (they don’t photograph that well). As there is no hole in them you have to make a ‘case’ for them using seed beads. To be honest, my first attempt is not quite what I was hoping for but I did learn the name for beading techniques along the way.

I started off with a ladder weave:

Ladder weave

Ladder weave

bezel 2

I then added in some tiny size 15 seed beads.

bezel 3

Next a bit of tubular herringbone stitch.

bezel 4

This time tubular herringbone stitch with three seed beads.

bezel 5

A final row of size 11 seed beads finishes this side off.

I now need to finish off the bottom row.

I now need to finish off the bottom row.

My finished cabachon. It is a bit too enclosed for m liking but it is a  start and is something that I can work on.

My finished cabochon. It is a bit too enclosed for m liking but it is a start and is something that I can work on.

I then decided to have another go, using a slightly different technique this time….more beading techniques learnt. ūüôā

bezel o 1

This time I started with a right angle weave stitch.

bezel o 2

Next I added a row of beads in between the top beads from the previous row.

bezel o 3

I then added a tiny size 15 seed bead in between each of these beads. This was the top half completed.

This is the finished item.

This is the finished item.

I have to say I am really pleased with this. I think that I will make it into a ring. I will be making more of these, that is for sure.

Which version do you prefer?

Which version do you prefer?

Beaded Ring

A Week of learning!

Following on from playing around with triangles last week I thought that the next step may be to take the shape into a ring. I have seen some large rings that are diamond-shaped, covering the whole of the lower part of the ring. I innocently thought that moving into the ring would not be that different or hard! Well, at the moment all I can say is that it was definitely a week of learning!


As always I started off with trying the pattern out in cotton:

A small knitted diamond!

As you can see, true to form it curled up and needed pinning down! Then followed the first complication (totally of my own doing, of course!). I thought “hmm why don’t I crochet one too!” So I did:

A small crocheted diamond.

This one doesn’t curl up so much. (Please don’t look too closely at these as they are nowhere near perfect!)

A first go:

I first tried crochet.

I was really pleased with the way this turned out. It sort of curves in on itself.

So I then thought – beads.

Attempt Number 2:

Hmmm – needs more work I think!

I tried knitting this and ….it didn’t work! So I pulled this apart and started again. This time I referred to a book leant to me by Notsogranny:

Western and Eastern!

It gives clear instructions on how to knit with beads on every row. Apparently there are 2 different types of knitting: Western and Eastern (no not continental as I would have thought). To do this sort of beading it appears that you have to use a mixture of both in order to get the beads on the same side of your work.

After a few attempts, (I was unable to thread the beads onto cotton so went back to my trusted wire, but then managed to break it a couple of times), I managed this:

It is nowhere near perfect but not at all bad for a first attempt! I am quite proud of myself really. You also have to take into account that this method is not meant to be used with wire.

My Second First

This week I taught myself to knit an i-cord. At first it was a bit flat:

More like a thin knitted strand really but the second time  I got it and made the band for the ring:

So there you have it. I managed to do a knitted beaded ring complete with a knitted i-cord. ūüėÄ

Have you managed to teach yourself something new recently? I would love to know.

I am now going to go over and see what other people have been up to on their crafty blogs at Handmade Harbour. I really recommend that you have a look too.

Crystal Farm

 Day 2.          24th April       PHOTOGRAPHIC CHALLENGE DAY     3KCBWDAY2

Welcome to Crystal Farm. As you can see it is an upmarket farm with highly decorated features such as the bridge (a knitted beaded cuff). It even has crystals embedded in the fences around the fields (bracelets and necklaces) and the tractor has decorative wheels (earings). The farm is well positioned with a waterfall (crocheted necklace) leading to a river and then a lake (my toe hat!). This means that the land (my knitted poncho) is very fertile giving rise lots of beautiful flowers (rings). Just look out for the troll – he is not so decorative!

Mary, Mary…..

I have titled this post Mary, Mary after this nursery rhyme because I have been doing lots of flowers.

 Despite it being the holidays last week when I felt that I had no time to get anything done, this weekend has been the Masters golf tournament. This involves my husband watching copious amounts of golf on the telly. I have no interest at all which has freed me up to crochet all evening. Bliss!

I had been wanting to do flowers for some time now, ever since I saw these rosebud rings. Anyway, I finally have got around to it! To start with I followed some patterns that I found. I initially used crochet cotton in order to get an idea of how they turn out, what the size is etc.             


I then had a go at some of them using wire:                        



I am a bit restricted by the colour of the wires that I have at each particular thickness. As I was really looking at making rings I wanted to use the thinnest wire that I had.¬† I know that I am biased but I don’t think that the photos that I have taken really do the wire flowers justice.

The next step for me was to have a go at making the band to fit onto the finger. I do have some ready-made ring findings but really wanted to have a go at making my own.

As you can see (if indeed you can with this very poor photo) I had a go in cotton first before I transposed it into wire:

I would wear this as it is but I also like it with the simple purple flower on the front:

As well as this thick band, I also made a thinner band as seen here:

Both work equally as well but obviously have different effects.

At the end of this weekend I have 3 flower rings, one silver band ring and just for good measure a beaded ring too:

As you can see I have had a very productive few evenings! I am now working on developing my own flower design as well as incorporating beads into them.

Thanks for sticking with me through this and I will hopefully be back soon with more!