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Week 1

I have started my training for the London marathon. It is possibly a few weeks early as, if I followed the plan exactly I would finish a couple of weeks after Christmas! A few weeks before¬† the actual race (peak too early as they say!) I am, however, factoring in the inevitable illness, busyness, life, weather etc that will get in the way…

If you have looked for training plans then you will know that there are loads out there… all slightly different, all with the same goal. I have to be honest. I have never followed a plan from beginning to end. Usually because I enter a race at the last-minute. This time I am doing things properly (well this week anyway!)


I found a really great offer through runners world where, in return for 3 months subscription of £3 you get some downloadable plans. I thought that this was a great idea and took it up. this is the plan that I will be following. It is a 14 week plan which, at the moment, looks doable.

This week I have / will:

Recovery run on Monday (I did a long run on Saturday). It was meant to be 25 mins but I went out with a friend and we did a ‘steady’ 4 miles.

Threshold run on Tuesday. This involved a warm up of 1/2 a mile. Hard run for 10 minutes. 2 minute recovery (walk), another hard run for 10 minutes followed by another 2 minute recovery (walk). Cool down of another 1/2 mile or so (I made it up to 4 miles.)

Wednesday was a recovery run followed by 30 minutes cross training. I should have used this opportunity to go to the gym to work on strengthening my leg muscles that caused my knee problems earlier this year(I can’t have that happening again) and had every intention of doing so – before going for a 4 mile run with my friend. I have to say that my legs felt a bit tired today!

Thursday: rest day

Friday: Kenyan Hills. You will note that today is Friday so I have yet to do this slight torture. I am supposed to run up a hill, then down, then straight back up. YUCK. (I also don’t have many hills around me!)

Saturday: 75 minute run. We shall see!

Have you ever followed an exercise plan to the letter? Did it work or am I wasting my time? Since the weather has dropped a few degrees I have to say that the idea of running is loosing its attraction!