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The Chelsea Flower Show and crochet!

In my last post I hinted on some very exciting news concerning the Chelsea Flower Show (which, if you didn’t know is a very big deal here in the UK, the queen goes and everything!).

You remember the botanic project  where we crocheted plants and lichen? Well this time we are going slightly bigger. A designer that is based in Cambridge and has had a design for a garden approved contacted Joanne and asked if she would be interested in taking part in its creation. She of course said yes and, in due course, so did I. This week was our very first session where we found out all about it.

Now I am not very sure how much I am able to divulge here so shall have to ask at our next meeting. The designer works for a charity called Squeaky Gate. This link will take you straight through to the page which explains the garden theme in a lot more detail.

The theme is based around the issues of mental health:

– they are looking to include loads and loads of 2p pieces to represent the cost to the government caused by mental health

– there will be a pool

there will be blackboards

– there will be a huge structure 4 metres high covered in crochet letters

This is a prototype made by Joanne.

This is a prototype made by Joanne.

The black boards and the letters are going to include tips about how you maintain your mental health. Having suffered from post natal depression this subject is very dear to my heart. I firmly believe that the more we talk about it the less the stigma and the easier it will be for people to speak up and ask for help. The things that work for me are very clear to anyone who reads this blog – running and crafting are the things that keep me sane.

Do you have any tips that we can include? I tell you we have an awful lot of space to cover with words …..

These are some of the letters that we have come up with so far:

We have a very long way to go....

We have a very long way to go….