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A fit and healthy 2017?

Here in England we are just coming to the end of our Christmas holidays having had an extra day due to Christmas day falling on a Sunday. This means that today has been an extra bank holiday. That is the potential for 4 days of feasting and indulgence.

Hands up if you have eaten a little too much over the holidays?

If I am honest I think most people do which is why January is traditionally the time for New Year Resolutions, many of which are health based ones. How many resolutions have you made only to break within the month?



However…….if you want 2017 to be the year to get fit then I may well be able to help you achieve your goal.

Over on Facebook I have set up a group for anyone wishing to start to run/jog. The idea is that we all support each other along the journey. It is well documented that sharing your  goals with others, as well as joining in with others helps you to stick to your goals and that is what I am trying to facilitate.

Image result for achieving your goals quotesNot everyone has a network of willing friends on their doorstop that are able to start running with you. This group will replicate this. The idea is that everyone will be going through the same experiences so successes, difficulties and questions can all be shared with people who understand and are going through the same thing as you. It is a closed group so only members will be able to see the posts  making it safe and confidential. In addition, despite not being a professional with any specific training I will also be on hand to offer advice whenever I can using my experiences and knowledge that I have built up over the years I have spent running.

Who can join?

It is open to anyone who would like to start jogging. A smile and sense of humour is not obligatory but beneficial. You may have had some experience of jogging before or you may be a complete novice. We are open to all. (If you have any known medical issues that may be affected by exercise then please seek medical advice before you start.)

How does it work?

All you have to do is request to join the group. Then, from Sunday the 1st January I will guide you through the workouts on a weekly basis. This means that you will be able to complete them whenever best suits you. (I will be basing it on the NHS couch to 5k as this is a proven way that many people I know have used to start running with.)

What will I need?

At the very basic level you need a pair of trainers and some comfortable clothes to wear. Ladies will benefit from a special exercise bra. To begin with you don’t need to buy anything expensive (with the exception of a bra – this is really worth it as comfort here is important.) A pair of jogging trousers and a t-shirt will do along with a hoody type sweater if it is cold. At this stage comfort and accessibility is most important. Looking wonderful can happen later. A watch is helpful as you will be walking for a period of time alternated  with jogging. If you have a smart phone you can use this.

One final word of warning is that if you are going to be going out in the dark then please think about wearing a reflective jacket of some sort and not black and dark clothes. When you are starting out you may want to hide in the shadows (I know I did) but safety has to come first and that means being visible. Sorry.

How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing. It is FREE. I love running. This is no secret, I love how it makes me feel and I am very keen to help others gain the same benefits. Over the years I have tried to inspire people by writing posts on this blog but this year I have decided to be a bit more proactive.

In March I am organising a virtual 5k race that you can sign up to if you wish. This will have a cost as I am using it as a way to fundraise for The Mothers’ Union that I am running the London Marathon for in April.


What is a virtual race?

This is where you run, walk or do a mixture of the two over a distance of 5k within a set period (in this case March). When you have done it you will then receive a bespoke medal that I am in the process of designing as we speak. By joining the above Facebook group there is absolutely no obligation to sign up for this at all although it would be a fabulous way to graduate at the end of the 9 weeks of couch to 5k.

What now?

Please spread the word amongst your friends and family. If you have any questions then please ask. Most importantly, if you have ever thought about running then please consider joining in. 🙂