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When do you blog?

Two weeks ago, I asked the question,

Why did you start blogging?

I was so pleased that I did ask this and a huge thank you to all of you who joined in. I learnt so much. It seems that I had a very narrow idea on the subject!

When thinking about this, current post, the obvious questions that came to mind following the ‘why’ are the ‘what’ and the ‘when’. I think that we have covered the what, so this week I am asking,

When do you blog and how did you decide on this?

  • Is it on an adhoc basis? Does this depend on when you have something you feel worth sharing? I definitely started like this. I had the simple aim of blogging once a week – this worked as it also coincided when I was able to produce something that I felt it was worth blogging about.
  • Is it meticulously planned? Currently, I fall into this category. In my head I have this plan where I blog three times a week; once on a Sunday when I share my crafting and join in with Handmade Monday, once on a Wednesday when I do my Blogging Buddies post and then on a Friday  – my fitness post. Originally this ‘plan’ came about because I read somewhere that blogging regularly is ideal when trying to increase readership. I am not  sure whether blogging on regular days is exactly what is meant but I tend to form little rules that I have to follow and this is what I have fallen into.

Handmade Harbour

I suppose that on one level it is important to keep blogging rather than having long gaps in between each one, that goes without saying really….but how often is regular for you? Once a week? Twice, everyday? What have you found that works for you?

This is one of a selection of free blog planners found on heartandmade

Some people take it a step further and keep a diary of blog posts planned ahead of time – similar to a calendar. Are you one of these? On the one hand, I really admire these people and would really quite like to be able to do this but I am simply unable to do this. I am, shall we say….slightly more disorganized and spontaneous.

  • Finally, some people may take more of a scientific approach: By this I mean using your blog statistics to assess which days your blog gets the most views. On WordPress your stats are easily accessed through your dashboard.


If you go through to your actual page by clicking onto the graph:

You can find your summaries here. Scroll down and you will get to a summary by day:

Mine tells me that there is not really any one consistent day that is stronger than any other.  Not sure why…..Is this the same for anyone else?

How many posts do you think is ideal? Is there ever any such thing as too many posts in a week? How do you decide when and how often you blog? Do share you thoughts as I am sure that there are many more reasons that I have yet to identify. If you fancy joining in then you can leave a link below. Thank you 🙂



Ely New Years Eve 10k

Yesterday I took part in my final race of 2012. It is a race that many people I know have run before but that I had always failed to get into before. The day before I heard that 2 of my friends had dropped out which I found to be rather sad but I was determined not to be put off (by that or the weather forecast!)

Now many of you will know that I live right on the edge of the fens and the fens are very flat.

This is the view of Ely Cathedral across the fen from where we were.

This probably shows the type of day in a better way.

Being very flat and open means that there is no wind break. This was a bit of a shame as the weather was a little blowy but at least the rain held off.

The Start

Parking in dedicated car  parks was limited so there was a lot of street parking. This ended up working in our favor as we were able to nab a place really close to the start :). Collecting our numbers was easy and there was no queuing for the conveniences!!

At the start there were some bagpipes which then moved to the top of the hill towards the end to encourage us up. (Despite being very flat there were the obligatory ‘hills’ of course.)

The Course

I had been warned that the first part of the course was fast being down hill. Which it was. I did the first mile in 7 minutes 56! No doubt my fastest ever. Here are the rest of my splits:

Mile 2: 8.29

Mile 3: 9.12

Mile 4: 9.11

Mile 5: 9.51 (this the windiest and uphill part of the course!)

Mile 6: 9.02

Looking at these I am fairly pleased with myself. I did an average pace of 8.55 min miles which in the conditions was very acceptable.

I really enjoyed this race although towards the end I did have to dig deep. I felt that I did myself justice (wahooo!).

Here are the official stats:

Time: 55.50.

99th out of 198 ladies.

Place: 375 out of 539 total.

23rd out of 42 in my category.

A great way to start the New Year if I do say so myself!