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The Knitting and Stitching Show 2012

Some of you will be aware that I have not posted my usual weekend post this week. This is mostly because I had a wonderful day out at Alexandria Palace in London. I have often seen these amazing building from the train as it is set up on top of a hill but have never been to it before.

Getting up close was a bit of a disappointment as the windows are all boarded up but inside you can still see many grand features.


I did honestly spend some time looking at this but mostly I was busy looking at:

Knitted items.

Beautiful intricate shawls made from linen.


A knitted wedding outfit for him and her.

Lots of lovely buttons.

A whole knitted community. This is the farm.

A play ground.

The farm shop.

And a cub scout camp site!

Of course there were also lots and lots of stalls to walk around with lots of lovely things to buy!! I am very proud to say that we managed to get around every stall and stop at all the ones we wanted to (just). Oh and yes – I did spend some money…..

Of course I had to buy some bargain yarn but I do know what I am going to do make with it. Something really rather special…….

Some really gorgeous silk that feels divine.

Some really bargain wire and a few beads (well I couldn’t totally resist!).

Some yarn with Stainless steel in it. I have been looking to get some of this for ages so am really excited about this purchase.

A ‘vintage’ crochet book that is literally as old as me but has some great ideas in it (and yes there is a granny square top in here which will not be being brought back to life.)

I couldn’t resist all the bargain offers on magazines with their freebies either. You never know – I may be making myself a dress next year!!!!

This bag came with some of the mags. I love it.

I am guessing that you can tell I had a good time? I have come back buzzing with ideas and don’t really know where to start!  Oh yes I forgot to say that when at the show I saw someone exhibiting a necklace like one of the ones i have made. I was quite pleased in a way as it shows that I am not completely crazy and that maybe I should believe in myself a bit more!

Have you ever been to a show like this and come away with loads of ideas? Did you follow them up or did they get forgotten?