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Stronger and stronger.

It may be Sunday but there was still an early start for me this morning, it was still dark when I first surfaced. Most runners would be up this early to go for their long slow run but I was going to the gym.

At the moment the gym is what is keeping me going as I can see some real improvements in my strength, mainly my upper body but that is mainly because this had the furthest to go.

2016-01-10 08.46.30

Forgive the poor photo but I am using this weight to perform dead lifts. This is the heaviest dumb bell in the gym. Chuffed – I should say so!

This week I also managed 3 sets of 8 full press ups with a weight on my back and more pull ups than ever before. I may not have been too impressed when I arrived but when I left I was on top of the world!

Oh and if you are wondering, yes I did go for a gentle 40 minute run this afternoon. I just couldn’t help myself!

In case you are wondering my gym session was along the lines off:

  • 3 sets of 5 single legged squats off the side of a bench paired with 5 pull ups.
  • 3 sets of 5 dead lifts paired with 5 bar lifts (above the head weight lifting style)
  • 3 sets of 5 arabesques (with 10kg weight) paired with 12 reps of seated rows and 8 weighted push ups.
  •  2 sets of 8 seated twists using a weighted ball with 6 ‘get ups’ using a weight with a slow release back down.