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More Running Goodies

Purely coincidently I also received another running gift through the post yesterday.

My first Jogbox

My first Joggbox

I first heard about these some time last year and was very tempted to sign up straight away but waited. Last month I  took advantage of an offer and took the plunge.

When you subscribe to Joggbox you get a box every other month through the post filled with running goodies. This is what I got this month.

IMG_1517In more detail:

The contents.

The contents.

  1. The main item in this months is a neck tube by Absolute. Unfortunately I have not been able to try this out. It has also got a bit warmer recently so I am looking forward to cooler weather again. 😉
  2. Touchscreen gloves will be very useful when wanting to us all my tech when running.
  3. A soothing gel by Meltonic which I am looking forward to trying out on my sore muscles.
  4. Energy chews by Gu
  5. Oh my goodness bar.

The leaflet that comes with it details how much each item is worth which I feel a bit mixed about. I understand why it is included so you can see how much value you get each month but I think that I would prefer to just receive the items. Maybe I am just too trusting?

I really liked receiving this. I looked forward  it.  I like surprises. and  the opportunity that it gives me to try new things that I wouldn’t necessarily try otherwise.

All the items that I received are useful and will get used which, if I am honest is a bonus.

I shall now have to decide if I wish to carry on ……..

Have you ever subscribed to something like this?

All views on this are entirely my own.