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Gnarled Bark Hat

I am not sure if anyone remembers this?

YarnAt the time I was unable to share the project that this was destined for, but now I can 🙂


Photo courtesy of Kat Goldin

This is it: The Gnarled Bark Hat from the latest issue of The Crochet Project. The designer, Joanne Scarce had asked me to have a go. I am not really sure why as her patterns tend to be written beautifully but I was more than happy to oblige.

It was a new stitch pattern for me that involved working around the stitch below which is not something I had done before. The pattern was easy to follow and I really enjoyed making it. It was fairly quick and therefore very satisfying to make. I found that, once you got going it was one of those projects that is perfect for the evenings when you are tired and need something to help you de-stress.

This is the pre-blocked hat.

This is the pre-blocked hat.

I am very ashamed to admit that I have not yet got around to properly cast off or block despite finishing a couple a weeks ago. Now the weather has changed I feel that this may become a bit more of a priority!

To help give you an idea of the finished hat I put it over a bowl. This is the view from the top!

To help give you an idea of the finished hat I put it over a bowl. This is the view from the top!

Doesn't it really open the pattern out? I really, really like this pattern.

Doesn’t it really open the pattern out? I really, really like this pattern.

This is the wrong side of the hat. I think it is lovely in its own way - almost a reversible pattern.

This is the wrong side of the hat. I think it is lovely in its own way – almost a reversible pattern.

Now I am not really a hat person but I would recommend this hat – I may even wear it!! The pattern is a bargain at £3. In addition, yesterday I went to a hat clinic with Wooly Wormhead who is the master of hats, at The Sheep Shop (my LYS.) It was really fab and I may well have bought another hat pattern so watch this space 😉

Do pop over to Handmade Harbour to catch up with all the other wonderful crafty events of this past week.  Hope you have a really great week. x


Today is the day!

My 2nd crochet pattern has been published! Looking at the other patterns that are included in this latest issue, ( no. 2) I really cannot quite believe it as there are some beautiful patterns included.

The theme this issue is WOODLAND WHIMSY. The projects really capture this with the warm, colours that we associate with autumn: browns, rusts, oranges etc. Not all muted though as there are some pieces with a real POP of colour.

Maple Falls Sweater

This is one, a tunic with a beautiful detail designed by Joanne Scrace.

Kissiae Stole

This is another. A stole by Essie Doyle. This has a lovely texture as well as colour.

The photographs are all stunning, as we are coming to expect, taken by the multi-talented Kat Goldin, who also designed some mittens and is the co-producer of the publication.

So what about my pattern? Well you will remember this teaser from earlier this month?

Embedded image permalink

No-one managed to guess the item itself …….


It’s a scarf!!! The yarn I used was Manos Silk Blend which is a dream to work with. The colours remind me of a dappled autumnal avenue of trees. (Which also happens to full of ‘my’ colours :))

If you are a crocheter then do pop over and have a look at the patterns – they are beautiful. They come in both US and UK terms (UK coming soon). If you are a knitter then do not despair as the website suggests that there may well be a ‘Knitting Project’ coming in the future.  I would like to thank Joanne Scrace and Kat Goldin for all their hard work on this project (and esp to Kat for allowing me to use her wonderful photographs).

Finally I would like to thank all of you reading this, for letting me share some of my excitement with you 🙂


Exciting news

Did anyone see this image floating around twitter last week?

Embedded image permalinkwith thanks to Kat Goldin for this amazing photo.

If you look very carefully, you may just be able to make out a piece of crochet ‘hidden’ in this picture. I am really, really excited as that piece is mine. I designed it, made it and it is about to be released as part of the latest edition of the amazing Crochet Project. It was put out on Twitter as a teaser. I think it works well??

Due to the pressures of a really busy week this was the highlight. I have really missed everyone this last week (or month) as I have largely dropped out of the blogosphere for a while. I am hoping that things will slowly return to normal (except for half term in a couple of weeks followed by jury duty….why does it never end?) On a positive note my parents are now in their own home so family life is quietening down.

I have been steadily working on my green yarn project and have my next one already lined up as it is the one thing that I find truly relaxing. Unfortunately I am unable to share it with you….yet but it is really fab 🙂

I am really looking forward to catching up with everyone and hopefully fully returning to the wonderful world of blogging. As a start I am heading over to Handmade Monday – have you already visited?


I am sure that most of you will have noticed how crochet is currently undergoing a bit of a resurgence. Crochet classes are filling up within days of being publicized and new magazines dedicated to crochet are being released. Crochet is no longer being squeezed in along side knitting – it is becoming a craft in its own right.

If you knit  (and even if you don’t) you will be aware of the many places where you can find knitting patterns. They are all over the web on countless sites and yarn and craft shops usually have a good selection to choose from. When it comes to crochet however there is not usually the same choice. Crochet also has a bit of a reputation linked to the 70’s and there are quite a few patterns around that reflect this.


(Yes these really are from the 70’s – so much orange!)

Now please don’t get me wrong, there are some patterns that just need a bit of updating (colour, yarn etc) but Joanne Scrace (notsogranny) and Kat  Goldin saw an opportunity in this and went about setting up The Crochet Project:

The aim of The Crochet Project is to promote beautiful, modern crochet patterns to the online market.

They have both worked very hard to bring all the good  things you expect from modern knitting patterns to the world of crochet. The patterns are all written in the same consistent style, the yarn is beautiful, the patterns contemporary and the photographs stylish.

I realise that I am writing as if I am selling this idea. In a way I am but I really wanted to share with you all the background behind this project. I am not being paid directly for doing this and the opinions are my own BUT …..


Loud enough? Can you tell that I am excited?

Back to the beginning:

In October I saw the mood board that they had put together. The title was Botanicals and was all floral and summer picnics. I decided that I had an idea that may just work and set about making a prototype:

Here it is - my protoype.

Here it is – my prototype.

Being my first submission I really wanted to know whether it would work and also to get some idea of how I could write the pattern down.

A close up of the flower.

A close up of the flower.

I included the flower as a bit of detail and to link in with the floral theme.

Roll on to December and I received the wonderful news that my pattern had been chosen as one of the ten from the first edition. WoW. I was really shocked and very unprepared as to what it would involve.

When doing a piece like this you get sent the yarn – the suppliers will usually provide it as a way to get some publicity. Unfortunately the yarn for my project got held up and I only received it just before the deadline date. Luckily Joanne and Kat were very nice and realistic, giving me enough time to get the project made without any pressure.

The yarn I was sent.

The yarn I was sent.

Isn’t it lovely? It is merino, really lovely and soft  – great to work with too. I had been asked to make the pattern in three child sizes and three adult. Fine in theory! I only had to make one size for the photo shoot.

The making of the gloves was not too hard. The writing of the pattern harder. Poor Joanne must have had a bit of a shock when she saw what I had done. She was ever so kind however and I had another go at getting the format correct.

Then, finally on Friday the whole thing was published. I had always said that I didn’t want my name and photograph out on the internet….it soon became clear that this was one rule to be broken!

So here is the finished mitt.

So here is the finished mitt.

I think that they have a real vintage feel and I managed to get some beads in with the flower! Wouldn’t they be perfect for a bridesmaid or a ball?

If you would like to see what the other patterns are like and see the proper ‘professional’ photographs then do head over to the  website here.

Thank you so much in indulging me in the blowing of my own trumpet. I am very passionate about this project and yes, I would have been even if I hadn’t been accepted! Joanne and Kat have spent a lot of time on this but I truly believe that it has been worth it! Now onto the next submission – a woodland theme this time. 😉

As always I shall be heading over to Handmade Harbour to catch up on the lovely things that everyone else has been up to this week. I am thinking that there will be some Easter ideas cropping up?