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Beginning Blogging – Customizing your theme

This series has prompted me to re-look at my own blog through critical eyes this week. I am sure that you haven’t noticed but I changed my tag line. When I first started this blog, like many I wasn;t sure exactly what I was going to write about so gave myself a very wide brief. Something along the lines of:

Knitting, crochet, running and family life…

Most of this is still true but I very rarely talk about my family …. and I wanted something a bit more catchy. So I headed to my dashboard, went to SETTINGS – GENERAL and then changed my tag line.

I also had a look at the about me information. This had a bit of a spruce up too:  DASHBOARD – USERS – MY PROFILE. I read this week that even if your blog is about a business your about should contain a bit about you or the story behind the business at least.

I then started to look at the HUGE variety of themes on offer. I spent a long time looking…and couldn’t decide on anything new…. maybe I should just think about changing the colour a bit??

I then had a lovely tweet from SuziGuy.  I asked her if there was anything that she wanted to know in particular. Her answer was ….how to change the background. Perfect so here we go:

Changing the background on your blog:


This is the first place I went and found out something new yet again. You can customize your background by uploading your own photograph. This, at first seems like an awesome thing to be able to do, although when you think about it again it is littered with possible catches. For example: most photographs have the subject in the centre. This will not be seen due to the blog posts! Also – anything too busy and it will be a distraction from your blog content. If you are braver than me and have a go at this do please put a link below so that I can see 🙂

For the rest of you, you need to go to: DASHBOARD – APPEARANCE – CUSTOMIZE

This takes you to a page on your blog (how everyone else sees it) with a menu opening up down the right hand side. I shall take you through these:

SNAPSHOTS – ignore unless you want to pay.

COLOURS – allows you to change the colour of the background as well as the colour of your Heading. Simply click on the box you want and select the colour. Do not worry about changing it for good – if you don’t click on save it will simply revert back to the original version  when cancel is pressed.

HEADING: behind my header there is a picture based on my Gravatar. This allows me to remove it. If you wish to add one you go to APPEARANCE – HEADER

BG IMAGE: This allows you to add a background image. (As discussed above).

FRONT – this allows you to have your latest post as the front page or to have a static page at the front which remains the same each time someone visits.

CUSTOM DESIGN – I think this costs so haven’t explored too much (too tight!)

SITE TITLE – Allows you to change the title and the tag line.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I went through the customize menu for my theme when researching this post. It is my understanding that some themes are more customizable than others thus your menu may differ to mine.

As always I hope this is useful, please ask if you have any questions…..

Happy Blogging 🙂