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Cross Country

Today was cross country day. One of the first things that I do when I wake up knowing I have a run to do is look outside. Today there was no obvious frost or snow which I took to be a good sign. My biggest concern this morning was what to wear? I started off putting on 2 pairs of legging but then decided that they might be too much so took one pair off. On the top I had my new thermal skin top (bought in the sale) with my club vest on top.

Not far

It wasn’t that far for us to travel to but far enough for there to be some snow on the ground. It was held in a gorgeous ‘undulating’ park.2016-01-17 10.27.49

It was a beautiful day for a run.

2016-01-17 10.34.17

This is looking towards the start – that hill was right at the start!

There were a lot of people running and boy was it tough. I was desperate not to end up too far at the back and therefore probably set off a tad too fast. It was my first proper cross country though with logs to jump over, short, sharp ups and downs, slippery icy bits, thick oozy muddy bits. There was even one bit where I thought that I would end up in a lake each time we past it as it was muddy and sloping towards the  water.

Two laps

The route was supposed to be about 4.9 miles but my watch made it nearly 5 and a half although it didn’t really seem to pick up the GPS properly as uploading it just now I see that there is no information about the changes in elevation which I am truly gutted about. My heart rate was pretty high throughout so it was pretty tough going. I shall have to look at my sons as he did one lap of the route so will give me some idea from his watch. My activity tracker said that I went up the equivalent of 33 floors if that can be trusted all?

New shoes

This week I took the plunge and bought some second hand trail shoes. They arrived yesterday and against the little voice in my head that suggested that it was not a good idea to try them out for the first time in a race, I wore them today.

2016-01-17 10.40.57They were fab. They kept my feet dry and did quite well considering the terrain that they had to deal with. It was definitely not a PB course but Iwould go so far as to say I loved them. A great investment.


I feel a real sense of achievement this afternoon. It was tough and I feel a bit like I did when I used to finish half marathons ie shattered, but it is a good feeling. I have pushed myself today and that can only be a good thing. I got round by thinking that “this is good for me” and I am sure it is. Yes, I know that I will have finished near the back but I did it and didn’t give up. The terrain and course will have helped to make my legs stronger. I will probably ache tomorrow but that is OK as I can have a rest day. 🙂