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Beginning Blogging – adding photographs

Last week I learnt that WordPress have updated their Learn.Wordpress site. So my big question to you all is:

Should I carry on with this series or shall I just link you all to this site?

Initially I thought that this was it – I had done all I needed to do, however I am not so sure:

1. I have learnt a lot from this myself, (did you see my last post with a rainbow of headings?)

2. I think that it may actually be worth while having someone go though installment at a time. It gives you time to work though each thing before starting on another.

These are just my thoughts. Please let me know what you think – I do not wish to flog a dead horse!

So for today I shall keep it very short:

How to add pictures and photos to a post

Now this is a very important skill. It breaks up the  text making it easier to read and also adds interest, catching people’s eye. Looking pretty is important 🙂

If your blog is about things that you have seen, done, made etc then the best way to add pictures is through the addition of photographs. If you have photographs on file on your computer all you have to do is to go to the add media button at the top of your ADD NEW POST page. When you click on this you go to a new window. Click on the UPLOAD FILES which is again towards the top.

You now go the middle and click on UPLOAD FILES. Choose your picture you want to use, double-click and then wait until it uploads.

Once it has uploaded you will be able to fill in a title, a caption, tags (important as they help search engines find you) and a description. (Description is important because if the photo doesn’t load it will give your description instead.) You can also align your photo – left, centre or right.

And there you have it! You can copy and paste into your post but beware of copyright. Down the bottom right of your page when writing a post you will find a group of photographs as below.

There is a search box here too. This will give you some suggestions for pictures that you can use that are free from copyright. In my experience you cannot often find what you are looking for unless it is very common. It is quite useful still however and I do use it from time to time.

So there you go. Not only will you be writing great posts – they will look pretty and eye-catching too.

Do please let me know if you wish to continue with this series or not. To help you with this decision here is the link to the Learn.WordPress site:


I have added an extra box to encourage you to have your say and leave feedback. Please be honest 🙂