Quick Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath


You can make one of these in an afternoon.

Materials: 1 ball of the Shaggy Scarf wool. (0601)

8 mm needles

25cm polystyrene ring

2 meters of ribbon (I used ribbon with wire in to help the bow hold its shape)

decorations of your choice (I used three glittered pine cones)

Pattern: Cast on 10 stitches. Knit each row until the knitting fits around the ring (about 1 metre).

Sew the knitting onto the ring. (After struggling for a bit I put the seam on the outside and then twisted it around when finished. I suggest you do this from the beginning!).

Sew the 2 ends together.

I folded the ribbon in half with the loop at the top. Wrapping each end around the ring completely I then tied a bow. At the base I then used cotton to attach the three glittered pine cones.

That is it! Finished.

I now have to work out how to attach it to my door without upsetting my OH. (I am not allowed to put holes in anything so may have to invest in suckers).

The best thing about this is that it can be got out each year and the materials were not that expensive. Perfect if you ask me!

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