Hip Hip Hooray!

As you may have guessed, since the Cambridge half marathon a couple of weeks a ago I have been a bit disillusioned with running. It just wasn’t happening. Last week I did 2 boot camps, a session at the gym and ran about 5 miles in total. I just couldn’t do it. On Monday I spoke to a fellow runner and she said that it always took her 2 weeks to recover (despite running 8m and then 4 on consecutive days each week since!). This gave me hope. On Tuesday I duly got into my kit. I had no real goal in  my mind, simply to run and feel better whilst doing it!

I set off – it was nice and sunny and I kept telling myself that I should enjoy it. I also kept telling myself that it didn’t matter how fast (or slow) I went. I did keep looking at my Garmin however! Amazingly I wasn’t going too slowly – in fact I was doing ok! Further into my run, once I had calculated the route I wanted to do I kept on telling myself to:

Slow Down and be Aware in a Cone Zone

Slow Down and be Aware in a Cone Zone (Photo credit: TranBC)

                               But I just couldn’t – I was on a role and seemed to be unable to listen to the ‘sensible’ voices in  my head.

 I wanted to finish – not run a really fast time. I did finish – I ran 8 miles in just over an hour. I was really pleased. Things were picking up and the beloved running that had been my friend was back!

Today was another warm and sunny day. As I dropped my son off at nursery after lunch I told myself that it was too warm and I was too tired for a run. ‘I will do it later!’ I then saw someone finishing her run and that was it. I was going! To begin with my legs felt like this:

Elephant legs

Elephant legs (Photo credit: Gordilly)

  I kid you not! I then got into my rhythm and forgot about them (as you do). I peeked at my watch which told me that I was doing ok. My heart leapt a bit. ‘No calm down you can’t keep this up, you will have to slow down.’ The first mile was ran in 8.50! Not bad. Maybe I hadn’t lost the fitness from the race after all. ‘No don’t get excited still a fair way to go!’. Maybe, but I did manage 3 miles about that pace which I was pretty pleased with – especially considering yesterday and it was a lot warmer than I had been used to. It would appear that I was back in business!

Hip Hip Hurray

Hip Hip Hurray (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And just to prove it I have entered some more half marathon races! (strike whilst the irons hot I say!)For more info see training goals.

4 thoughts on “Hip Hip Hooray!

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  2. craftsbythesea

    Well done you.
    I went out this afternoon and boy was it hot. I’m not very fast yet, took me 45 mins to do 3 miles, but then this is only my 11th week of running. I would love to be able to do 8.5 min miles…….maybe one day

    1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

      We all start somewhere! I started slowly many years ago. I have now got the bug (well ages ago actually) and keep going. I have my eye on those that are faster than me and look at them in awe. The main thing is to enjoy what you do (most of the time) and concentrate on yourself. It is amazing that you are in week 11. Kepp it up and who knows where you will end up?


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