A mountain or a mole hill?

I made a real meal out of my latest crochet project. I managed to make a couple of evenings work (at the most) last about a month! No joke.

It all started with this lovely pattern:

Source – Thanks to notsogranny

Notsogranny posted it on Facebook where my sister-in-law saw it. She asked how hard it was and I immediately saw a solution to the what-shall-buy problem and offered to make it for her.

I duly set off and bought some lovely yarn and a sparkling new hook. (I had a hook but wanted to treat myself!) As it was a hat the tension was not important and so I didn’t bother with a tension square.

Mistake Number 1!

All was going well until Joanne pointed out that it looked like a child’s version. Just to be clear here my sister-in-law is not a child!. Luckily I  had 2 skeins and so was able to start again without ripping back. I did a quick measure of tension and, surprise, surprise found out that it was far too tight. I figured that I really needed to go up a full hook size. Unfortunately I didn’t have one and so went up half a size and made a real effort to keep the tension loose. (Bang went my lovely new hook :()

This went well except that now the brim was……wait for it……too big!.

Mistake number 2

This was ripped back again. I went back to the original hook and re-did it. This time it was perfect 🙂

From the top

From the top

...and from the side.

…and from the side.

In case you are wondering this is not a difficult pattern and I do urge you to have a go. It is really wearable and looks fab on. Perfect for the current cold snap we are having.

I will definitely be taking the time to swatch in the future!

8 thoughts on “A mountain or a mole hill?

  1. Divine Debris

    Oh, I’m terrible about checking my gauge. Although, when someone else is having problems with a pattern I do tell them to check the gauge before they proceed. 🙂 I’m a do as I say sort, sometimes.
    The hat looks cute though and I’m glad it all turned out well in the end.

  2. healthyfrenchie

    I actually have the opoosite problem, I seem to crochet really loosely! I am on the hunt for a newspaper boy cap pattern. At first I thought this was one 🙂
    Hopefully you will have a speedy recovery!


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