I must be a top sports person!

I now have a gym membership, a personal trainer and a physio. All that I now need is a driver, chef/nutritionist….


Joking aside, I ended 2014 with an injury to my Achilles (an injury all the top sports people have according to my husband!) This is partly why I have been so quiet over the Christmas period. Social media was full of the runs that everyone was doing and the training programs that they had started. All far too depressing for me.


I tried to be really sensible and rest it knowing that an injury now is not too bad but if I made it worse the marathon may well be in jeopardy again. I can’t have that! Still annoying though, especially as, unusually for this time of year we have had some gloriously sunny days………


Having rested it for 5 days, I needed to know more hence the phone call to the physio. I needed to know what I had done and get some concrete information. Death by Google was just scaring me. Luckily they had an appointment for later that day YAY!!.


Never one to be normal or easy I made the poor (lovely) man work for his money. He prodded and poked but could not make it hurt (maybe I should be grateful?). Eventually he left my ankle and moved up to my calf. THAT HURT!

Looking at this you can see that the calf and the achilles is linked.     Source



Do you think of massages as nice and relaxing? Well this one wasn’t. IT HURT. A LOT. Mind you, I was happy with anything if it was going to help. The next day I was sent some stretches to do at home. I am doing them. Religiously,

I was told no running for a week or two. Rubbish when I am supposed to be in week one of my marathon training program. The only consolation is that all the programs start of with minimal millage so I am not missing that much. Maybe a rest will do me good? I am trying to keep my cv up by swimming, biking and rowing in the gym  but it is not the same. I miss running….the freedom…….fresh air……..

My secret hope is that the pain is all gone by the time I return to the physio on Monday (well I can dream…….;))

I shall keep you informed….Sorry to moan.

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