Another PB!

After last weeks confidence booster of Cambridge half marathon I was on a roll. Tuesday’s club session was the 5k handicap. I had absolutely no aches from Sunday and knew that I needed to keep on moving although a 5k ‘race’ was not the best run to start the week with. On my arrival a few eyebrows were raised.

The rules of the 5k are that if you run fast then you run in that group. The last time I got was 25.56. So despite being just 4 minutes away from 26 minutes it meant that I still had to run in the 25 minute group. I tried to appeal and say that I wanted to take it easy but they were having none of it.

Consequently I ended up with another pb – 25.51. I know, just 5 secs but I was taking it easy.  Hmmmm. It seems that I am just too competitive.

I had a sports massage booked for Weds and surprisingly my legs are not in too much of a mess. Other than that I had a rest on Weds. Thursday was another club run. 5.32 miles at an average pace of 9.03 minute miles and Friday I biked to work.

I had thought that I would have a rest on Saturday but then I panicked that I needed to run a few more miles as there would be no long run on Sunday due to the last cross-country of the season. I ended up doing 6 so-called easy miles with a good friend through sharp showers. The average pace was 9.37. Not exactly the pace I was after (a bit fast) but pleased to get the miles done.

As said before, Sunday was the last race of the season at a beautiful park:

The daffodils were stunning. The run was no-where near as bad as last months – very muddy and therefore slippery and a bit undulating as opposed to hilly. I did feel that my legs were a bit tired after all the work they have done recently but I did manage to keep running throughout it. 5.76 miles at an average pace of 9.45 which wasn’t at all bad. I am just grateful that I didn’t fall over! What a way to spend Mother’s Day!

To finish a few facts for you:

Last month I ran a total of 112.83 miles which took 18 hours and 19 mins.

I biked 29.77 miles which took me 2.55 minutes!



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