Pom poms

We all love a pom-pom right? Modern pom-pom makers make the whole thing so much easier than when I was a girl.

Then… cardboard rings made the whole process so slow and laborious. Source


Now…..these modern ones make it so easy. Source

All this is really lucky since a local artist that I know had a vision to fill her local church with pom-poms, specifically one for every person living within the village. 840 to be precise.

Pom pom art in Cambridgeshire churchsource

The whole community got involved. She then hung them up with fishing wire so that they look as if they are suspended. It is a truly amazing sight.



18 thoughts on “Pom poms

  1. fiddlyfingers

    This looks wonderful. I bet it puts a smile on all the faces of the congregation each time they walk in 🙂

  2. helen

    They look beautiful!
    Yes I remember the slow tedium of making the pom pom with the cardboard rings. I did one for a hat a few years ago and I’d forgotten how rubbish it was!

  3. travellinghopefully

    That looks magical! When I was an Owl taking Brownies on pack holiday, I was stuck for an on the hoof rainy day activities. I made them do pom-poms and the girls loved it, you think they need something fancy but just wool and cardboard did the trick!

  4. JenR

    I love this!!! How beautiful! I hate making pom poms and try to avoid whenever possible. I did not read all of the comments above but there is a cool tutorial on Pinterest that uses a fork and I’ve tried it a couple of times and it works okay.

  5. jodiebodie

    That pom pom display is awesome to think that each represents a member of the congregation.
    Pom poms might be the new trend for 2015 – there was an article about pom poms in a recently published magazine the other day. Those modern pom pom makers in your photographs are a new design to me. Who makes those? I usually fall back on the old cardboard rings, I’m afraid although I have a pom pom kit that has half round circles. No matter which tool I use, I need to work on getting my pom poms fuller and tighter so that they don’t fall apart too easily. Any tips?

  6. Emma

    I’m so cross with myself that I never went to have a look. What a wally. This is inspirational. My friend Laura Harlow made some of them. xxx

  7. The Knitterly Hooker

    So beautiful. That’s sure to make everyone feel special knowing that one is for them. I LOVE to make pompons! I helped my LOS make some for their store front and it was a great experience….With the right scissors.😆😁😂😄😃


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