Too much running?

Running Too much?

Last week I found a new blog (well new to me!): healthyfrenchie, Reading this really made me think about my training. I spend a lot of time running. Now this is for several reasons

1. It is quicker than going to the gym (no traveling required!)

2. It is effective

3. (Probably the most influential) When training for my half marathons earlier this year running is the training you do!


Now this may sound really obvious as training to run a half marathon is going to involve running! However reading the lovely blog healthyfrenchie and also watching some documentaries on Olympian athletes I have realised that I have very much neglected much of my body (in terms of fitness that is.) Running is not going to tone my upper body. Does this matter? Honestly – I am not actually sure but I have had a bit of a shake up!

The Gym.

On Saturday I headed off to the gym and, after running outside  (3 miles) I did some weight work on my upper body. It felt quite good and I really ached the next day (evidence to how much I had neglected this!)

The Garden!

Yes you read correctly. Monday evening I did a workout in the garden (and I have a very small garden at that!). My wonderful husband came home and said that he would quite like to go the golf course. Of course I said fine! Only, however because I was thinking about this post from Healthyfrenchie: Making Up Your Own Workout. I can definitely do that thinks me and so I did. With the company of my eldest son and the timing abilities of my next eldest we had quite a good workout. (yes I do ache!)

My Personal Workout!

I did 1 minute of each exercise x2!

1.        2.                 3.

Step ups                                                     dips                                        star jumps

4.              5.                      6.

bench step ups                              walking lunges                                      push ups

7.               8.  Burpees (no image!)             9.

Squat jumps                                                                                                     plank

10.             11.         12.

Jump lunges                                        sit ups                                            shuttle runs

13. Boxing!

So what do you think? Is it fairly balanced? Can anyone give me some bicep and back exercises to add in? Fancy giving it a go?

I am going to do a bit more research into training so will get back to you in due course.

7 thoughts on “Too much running?

  1. feelgoodknitting

    It took some convincing for my hubby to get me running (I’ve always been more of an equestrian and a dancer), but I’m hooked now for a lot of the same reasons as you. Little equipment, low time commitment – good stuff! We actually have some free weights we use to keep the upper body fit when we’re not running. I haven’t really found a better way to work my biceps and shoulders now that I don’t have bales of hay to toss around. Push ups are good for chest work and dips *murder* my triceps whenever I do them. Thanks for the new blog link to peruse!

  2. healthyfrenchie

    Thanks for the mention! I love that you did a workout in you garden 🙂 It’s cheaper and sometimes as good as the gym!
    I sometimes struggle too to find moves for my back. What you can do is put a broom / bar between 2 chairs and do “pull-ups from underneath. Also, you can use one of those huge bottles of mik filled with water or sand as a weight if you don’t have any

  3. Divine Debris

    Good for you! Running is great but weight training is super important. I’ve been neglecting my own exercising lately. Look up yoga moves, some of them you don’t need a mat for and can incorporate them into your routine. I love yoga when I’m focused and centered. 🙂
    And no one smiles like that doing sit ups.


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