Tunisian Crochet Wire Bracelet

On the same e-book where I learnt how to do the non – classic beaded rope necklace there were other patterns. (Click on the photos to go the page to download this free book.)

Discover each unique design for crocheted jewelry.

As I also liked the one on the very left I decided to give it a go. At this point I had not realised it was not ‘normal’ crochet, a good thing as I would probably never have given it a try if I had! (It is called Gold Wire Bracelet so no clues there!)

Trustingly I started to give it a go. I didn’t find it easy to start with:

Not quite what I was looking for!

Not quite what I was looking for! (Ear-rings?)

But after re-reading the instructions a few times I got the hang of it πŸ™‚ For those of you who don’t know the difference between crochet and Tunisian crochet – Tunisian crochet is a bit like knitting where you make stitches to leave on the hook and then ‘crochet’ them off on the next row.

After adding some beads I came up with this:

Tunisian Wire BraceletI have to say that I am rather pleased with the way it came out.Β  I am also pleased that I have had a go at Tunisian Crochet – a bit of a mystery up until now. I will definitely be doing it again (now I know that you don’t need a special hook!) Have you ever had a try at Tunisian Crochet?

Tunisian Wire BraceletAs always I am heading over to Handmade Harbour to see what everyone else has been up to this week. Do come and have a look too πŸ™‚

58 thoughts on “Tunisian Crochet Wire Bracelet

  1. Simmi

    Funnily enough, what I know about crochet could fit onto a postage stamp, but I was shown how to do tunisian crochet yesterday! Feel quite knowledgeable now πŸ˜‰ Yours looks beautiful! Simmi x

  2. Ali

    I’ve heard of Tunisian crochet but haven’t had a go. The bracelet looks really pretty and the beads really set it off. Have a crafty week.
    Ali x

  3. adaliza

    Such a pretty bracelet. I used to do Tunisian crochet – and Broomstick crochet! It was years ago and I still have a broomstick crochet bag and a tunisian crochet tea cosy!

  4. Hannah

    I really enjoy tunisan crochet, I first had a go a few years back and I am pleased to see more people trying it now. When I went to get myself a hook for it, the lady was so excited that someone was buying a hook for its intended purpose as for a long time just fishermen had been buying them to help put bait on hooks! Your work has turned out lovely. Whats next? Knooking? πŸ™‚

  5. freespiritdesigns

    What a gorgeous bracelet! Definitely a success and very impressive for a first go at a new technique!!

    Tunisian crochet sounds a bit like a martial art…. well do for mastering it! πŸ™‚

  6. raphaele42

    Have never tried tunisian crochet so far but thanks for this insight, I may try it one day. I saw how the fabric looks with tunisian crochet and it is really pretty. When it comes to your bracelet, it is gorgeous, the pearl colours work so well with the wire.

  7. Jan @ Handcrafted by Picto

    The bracelet looks lovely, the little beads sets it off really well.
    Have a good week and I hope the weather improves for you.

    Jan x

  8. Martha

    I really like that mesh bracelet with tiny green beads on them. Very unique as you normally dont see crocheted wired jewellery.There;s some sort of lightness to it, transparency, yet adorned with the green “dew drops”

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