Home Alone

This weekend I had the most unusual situation where I had a fair amount of time in the house on ……my……own, at a weekend! As soon as I found out that this would be the case I quickly began making plans. Well I wouldn’t want to waste a minute would I? The first job was to clean and tidy. I didn’t want any of those horrible feelings that I should be doing anything like this in my free time.

The next job was to get supplies in so that I could get on with the sort of projects that are harder to do with distractions from little people, but…what? My recent love has to be Kumihimo (for more information about this historic craft look here). The trouble with Kumihimo, is that it is something that I can do around the children as it is not that complicated. Hmmm. On Friday my son and I headed off to the Bead Shop.

One or two things to keep me busy ;)

One or two things to keep me busy 😉

I am beginning to think about the need for end of year teacher presents so some of the things in there are for that (three kumihimo bracelets and three bag charms).

On Saturday, as soon as I had managed to heard the last one out of the door (about 2.30!) I was off. I got going immediately. My first make was this:

Ushuaia Wrap Bracelet

                                                                                                     Ushuaia Wrap Bracelet

It took 2-3 hours but I really don’t think it is at all bad for a first attempt at doing anything with a beading needle. I did make a few mistakes (see the post here for more info) but I am not sure that anyone who I don’t tell will spot them (there will not be many of them as I have this compulsion to tell everyone about the mistakes I make). So what next?

After some tea I worked on the computer for a bit before having a go at broomstick crochet (not very successfully I might add!)

My very first attempt at Broomstick crochet (You wouldn't guess it!)

My very first attempt at Broomstick crochet (You wouldn’t guess it!)

I think that I need more practice!

Last night I slept for 11 hours straight and then made these:

Teacher bag charmsThese are some of the gifts for the teachers that I mentioned.

Before I know it, my time alone was shattered.

What would you do with an unusual and unexpected weekend to yourself?

As always I am heading over to Handmade Harbour to catch up with the events and makes in all the lovely blogs over there.

51 thoughts on “Home Alone

  1. Nice piece of work

    wow, busy bee! I love the necklace, i can’t believe it’s the first thing you’ve made like that. And the bag charms are gorgeous. I love time alone, it’s a real luxury 🙂 You know that old saying, Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits.

  2. Truly Myrtle

    Heavenly! Like you, I would clean and tidy so that I could just relax and enjoy every. last. moment. 🙂
    Then, like you – I would make make make till the cows came home.
    Sleep sounds good too 🙂
    I absolutely LOVE the bracelet – it is gorgeous! And, I have no idea what the crochet is supposed to look like, so yours looks just fine to me ;P

  3. Alison Willcocks

    Love all the makes you have shown us. The beads in the bag charms are so pretty. Using a beading needle can be quite addictive as there are so many creations you can make – be warned! Your weekend sounds perfect, they don’t come along like that very often. Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  4. daniellajoe

    I love the bracelet and I have a feeling you could make a matching collar too? the colors are easy to match with a lot of clothes, nice to see you practicing the broomstick stitch 🙂

  5. Natalie

    Those keyring/bag charms are wonderful – pretty and such a good idea for teachers presents. I’m glad you enjoyed your free time this weekend xx

  6. Ali

    Oh you were very resourceful with your time. I absolutely love the bracelets, really pretty. And the charms are wonderful, very lucky teachers. I bet they love to receive such unique gifts. I was attached to the tv this afternoon watching Andy win. Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

  7. A Patchwork Life

    golly goodness you really made the most of your home alone time! What a beautiful bracelet! And lucky teachers too. Think I’d probably craft, eat cake, walk and sleep 🙂

  8. freespiritdesigns

    oooh your beaded wrap bracelet is gorgeous! it almost looks antique – a real sense of character and quality. I love you bag charms too, they will make great gifts.

    I loooooove time to myself and would definitely use it to do something creative – quite possibly involving getting a lot of stuff out and making a bit of a mess! x

  9. bekswhoknits

    I cherish my weekends alone. Usually on goes some television I like (this weekend it was Smash) and absolutely no fishing shows. Those bag charms are pretty cool.
    Glad you enjoyed having a weekend of solitude.

  10. CatkinJane

    They are beautiful makes, some lucky teachers there.
    I usually waste most of my time alone wondering what to do with it!
    I’ll have to get better at doing things though as my youngest is off to university this year so there should be more than plenty – though with one at uni already I know that a fair bit of my spare time is spent visiting.

  11. Gertie

    You certainly made the most of your free weekend. I love the earrings. They’re really pretty.

    If I were ‘home alone’ for the weekend I’d watch my favourite DVD’s whilst sewing until late into the evening; eat lots of chocolate and have the odd glass of wine. Then sleep until very late the following morning. Pure bliss xx

  12. musingrunner

    I cannot imagine a whole weekend alone, but I would watch public television, read, run LONG, knit, sew, and sleep as late as I wanted.

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