Does this count as being creative?

 I would never use the word creative to describe myself, many others but not that. I can make a tune with the recorder, piano and clarinet but only if I have got the music there. I can knit a jumper if I follow a pattern and I can make a cake if I follow the recipe. Are getting the gist? I simply do not make things up for myself I maybe adjust things a bit by changing the colour of yarn or beads used which is what I have done in the pieces of jewellery that I have made so far but that doesn’t count as being creative – does it?

The last bit that I have made was following a pattern but it wasn’t intended to be used as jewellery. Here it is:

 (Sorry about the photo, I will try to put a better one on Flickr later. ) I have called it Picot Arch Necklace as the pattern I used is an edging named Picot arch edging. I basically followed the pattern but added some beads in as I went. So is this being creative or not – please let me know your thoughts.

I thought that this pattern would make a good tiara for a wedding if you turned it upside down like this:

I would obviously have to use thicker wire so it would hold its shape – oh and different beads. Once I have been online and bought a band (oooh goody, more shopping : ) ) I shall have a go. Will let you see once I get around to it.

5 thoughts on “Does this count as being creative?

  1. vennagreen

    of course it is creative. I believe “tweeking” is the definaition of creative. lol I am the same I am not always an idea girl, but there are few ideas I get from others, that I do not “tweek”

    And having something turn out differently than we started out is how we come up with new ideas.
    just keep doing what you are doing!


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